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    Thursday, April 28, 2005
    BitTorrent client
    BitTorent is the next protocol for P2P. BitTorrent or BT for short can handle huge chunck of file ranging from 100Mb right up to 1.5G. about big stuff. One the pioneer of P2P is Napster. People can share file,video or mp3 with more than 2 millions user. Im not gonna talk about Napster because Napster is no more free source for sharing.

    Before that, i like to remind you that distributing copyright material is illegal. So, if you do not want Metallica to slap you with a saphina, don't use P2P, use floppy disk :).

    Now back to BT. BT is not a centralized server. It runs on clients ( that will be you ). Not like Napster,BT is much wider connection. Here's the picture; 100 user will send a small packet to a tracker ( website ). Let say that you are looking for Siti Nurhaliza, all you have to do is, go to the tracker and search for that keyword. There you will see all the list of user or what we call peer. Maybe from 100 users, 50 of them stored the file you're looking in their computer. Then all you have to is download a small file. That file contains infos about the files and who have it. Now that file is in *.torrent not in mp3,mpg or other. So,don't get freak-out when you can't play or open that small file.

    Now that you have downloaded that small file,you must get a BT Client ( BTC). BTC was written in varies computer language. Some in C or C++ and some in Java. A great BTC is BitComet. Various configurations can be set to suit your internet speed. Another great BTC is Azureus that was written using Java. For info on different BTC, please visit this site. BT was originally writen by Bram Cohen.

    Once you have installed your choice of BTC, just point to the small file you just downloaded. Your BTC will try to connect to the peer. The bigger the peer's index, the faster you will get the file. The file you are getting is the real file you are searching earlier on.

    Now the dark part of BT. BT usually does not last long so you must get it will it is still exists. If you are on the dial-ups internet, try to calm first. This is not for dial-ups. Yes,some peer do serve small file ( below 5Mb ) and if any peer detects that you are too slow, you will get banned!! BT website too never last long. This is because the MPAA will sue all the admin of the tracker.

    The bright side of BT are alot of server providing BT for downloading their software just like Slackware Linux. This is to save their server's bandwidth. Nowdays, software provider tends to provide BT for faster distributing. BT can be run on varies Operating System like Windows,Linux,FreeBSD,MacOS and Unix. New artist use BT to distribute their songs or movies for promoting reason. This is a free promotion for them that need a kick-start.

    To end my post, i deeply love BT for it's fast downloading. Please do not support illegal and porno files. Please keep this cyber-planet clean. If you still need more info about BT,point your browser to this link.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:22 PM  
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