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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
    Worn out Kong.
    King Kong a new film by Peter Jackson hitting big allover the globe. As we all know this is the remake of the original King Kong movie in 1933.

    By the early 1930's, many producers were trying to build on the success of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World," an epic adventure film about an expedition to a plateau filled with prehistoric animals, which we brought to life by Willis O'Brien. Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace came up with the story about an island populated by dinosaurs, and of course, a huge silverback gorilla. The tale told of Carl Denham, a filmmaker who heads to the remote Skull Island to capture Kong, a huge creature who the locals hold at bay with a giant barrier that keep the beast locked in his primordial jungle. Ann Darrow, and John "Jack" Driscoll get caught up in the adventure, as Ann is captured by Kong and taken into the interior of his island home, and Jack leads the rescue mission to bring her back. On the way, the explorers are attacked by various types of dinosaurs.via

    Move forward, 2005 is the year for Kong to live again but this time under a new ringmaster. This 3 full hours film can make you want to watch it again or that was the last for some. With nice action and stunts, 3 hours film seems to be short for me.

    "If it was a bit shorter, I would be tempted to see it again," says Paul Wesselmann, 38, of Madison, Wis. "But three hours is a serious commitment to a second viewing. Of course, I did see Titanic eight times in the movie theater." via Yahoo News.

    Naomi Watts reminds me of Fay Wray, the original Ann Darrow. Yup, she's cute but not all the time ( yes dear, i'm taking out the garbage now dear ). Born in Shoreham, England and raised in Australia, Naomi Watts has been working actively in the film industry for 15 years. After she moved to Hollywood, she worked regularly, acting in small roles in film projects she was less than enthusiastic about.

    Finally, her big break came when she was contacted to audition for a coveted spot in David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. (2001). Her star-turning performance in the dual role of Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn has garnered an array of critic's awards and the attention of some major players in Hollywood and beyond. Watts is now enjoying greater choice of film roles and played (with great success)the lead in Gore Verbinski's remake of the Japanese horror classic Ring, The (2002).

    Enough about Kong, i need some rest after watching King Kong and the whole saga of Lord Of The Rings. See you in 4 days...yawn.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:34 PM  
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