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    Wednesday, December 28, 2005
    What will happenen to my blog if i die?
    The reason i wrote this post was, yesterday i read about website dies after several years or months. So this is my reverse story and what will i do about it.

    My blog is a 4 page rank with 150++ visits per day. Adsense and affiliate revenue about $1000++ per month seems to be ok and i'm hoping to see a 30% increase next year. More and more hits every months and i'm getting more backlinks from varies sites and blog. Also my article about Adsense is getting more backlinks.

    At the moment i can't think any way what to do with my blog. I might give my blog to my wife so she can run my blog and earn revenue from it. But before i die, maybe it is wise to teach her about blogging and some HTML so she can carry on my legacy. After she mastered some blog and HTML basic, she can make her own blog and use my existing Adsense account.

    But before that, i must write a will giving her the full control to run my blog. I'm looking for the best way to write my will if i die. Maybe i should ask my friend about how to write a will. Or should i write my own will? I have no idea.

    1. Discuss your beliefs and wishes with your partner or spouse, family members, friends, clergy and your doctor.

    2. Obtain your state's living will form from your state health department, local hospital, doctor, or the local area agency on aging. You may also find forms on the Internet (at no cost), or you can work with a lawyer.

    3. Review the forms carefully. You may need the advice of your doctor when specifying which types of treatment you do not want. You can differentiate between life-prolonging procedures and those that alleviate pain. Detail specific wishes you have about your care that the form doesn't cover. - via

    I might put up on eBay for auction. Selling a domain in eBay is nothing new and some make a living from selling domain or website. Once, a man sold his website using eBay and made $200,000 in cash! In eBay, you can virtualy sell anything even your stuffed toys. If, AOL or some multi-billion company bought my blog, my family can enjoy more vacation all over the world. Just like Jason, who his blog was bought by AOL in mid this year.

    What will you do if you die and what about your blog or website? Too scary to think about it but, blog must go on.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:55 AM  
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