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    Thursday, December 01, 2005
    What if....
    Everybody are using Google nowdays. We use it to search for info on varies topics, use our GMail, AdWords, Adsense and many more. We just can't live without Google. But, what if Google decided to close its company? Ever wonder about it? I'm not praying for it but what if?

    Search not found - We will see the 404 error page when we click our bookmark of Google. Not a pretty sight don't you think so? Maybe they can leave more interesting 404 error page so that we can write how we love Google so much in our site or bl'og. I can't imagine Google 404 error page with "Online since 1995 - xxxx". Hope not.

    Loosing my money - Adsense publisher will not able to tweak their ads anymore. addictated we are and now we can't tweak it anymore. Before this we love to login to our Adsense account every 3 minutes but now we read books. With a bunch of idea on how to blend ( arghh...that deja vu again ), Adsense publisher seems to tweak their own home-made ads. Keywords are not important anymore for AdWords and Adsense users.

    How to speel? - Yup, you can't spell a simple word without turning to Google. Before this, we love to look for the correct spelling whenever we write emails or an article. No, we're not going to ask a new search engine with a .jp domain. They will give us even more weird words.

    I'm lost - Where's my house? I can't see my Google Map anymore. This is not fun anymore. I'm lost and i'm about 2 block away from my home still i can't find it on the map. Please help!

    Zxfgoh wes mangan - Can somebody translate that for me please! Now,we are stuck with English and our native language only. We can't read other languages without Google Translate. Now we have to learn how to write in Spanish, Tamil and couple of tounge-twisting languages. Hello...can you understand my article? If not, this is English but you need Google Translet to help you out.

    Answer me please - We have many question to ask but where to ask? We will see a 404 page hen we click Google Answer. Boy oh boy, first i can't find my home now i can't ask for a direction. Maybe this garbage bin can help me. Still no answer? Blah...i'm totally lost now.

    Group em up - We are now officialy lost because we can't find our own group. No Google means no Google Groups. I'm not going to our community group. Are you insane, they will know who wrote the hate-mail to the school. We can't hide anymore and can't use those fancy nicknames in the Google Group.

    G for Gone - No more GMail for us. Can't read and can't send email using GMail anymore. Well, maybe Hotmail will give us a free 2G inbox next summer. But wait, my contact list is in my GMail. What to do? End of the world? We want our GMail back!!

    No more Jamloceng - Gulp, i'm in deep trouble. No more Bl'ogspot means no more Jamloceng. Maybe it's time to get my own hosting and domain.

    Eeekk....the last part what i'm affraid of. Oh..i almost forget, this is my What If... post. Need to wake up now.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:11 AM  
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