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    Book i read.
    Tuesday, December 06, 2005
    Things on my desk.
    So you want to know what are things on my desk? I got weird question from my readers and this is one of them. I have no idea what good will this post for but i'll answer it anyway.

    My bulky 450 watt speaker sitting on my desk. The weird thing is, i use headphone to listen to music. Now i'm wondering why i still have my speakers on my desk. I rarely use it but i use it when some important news on the internet streaming on air so that my officemates can listen to it too.

    A small steel green safe with a broken "password". This small safe is where i put all my.....dust. Man i need some serious clean up to do after this. On the small safe written Dreamguru on it. That was my band's name. Let see what else inside it. Ermm...some Canadian coins, keys, a used-to-be an eraser and a tissue paper that i have no idea when did i put it in.

    An old calender dated 2003 with great motivation quotes on it. Yes, i have a new calendar but i just love reading this old one just to boost myself. A friend of mine gave it to me and i just love it.

    My medical claim from November 2005 that i foget to claim. Not that i don't want to claim it but it's under some files. No wonder my last month claim kinda reduced-to-the-max. It's too late to re-claim it anyway..oh well maybe next time.

    Books, books and more books. I love reading music magizines such as ROTTW, Modernt Drummer, Guitarist and a book about Mozart. Under the magazines are my books from Dale Carnegie ( How to Win Friends and Influence People ), Jose de Silva ( The Silva Mind Control ), Dr.Joseph Murphy ( The Power of the Subconscious Mind ) and some local authors. Yup, i love reading books about how our mind work and how to use it to the max.

    My old wedding invitation card and it still smells nice. The date on the card is 20th November and just added another year to it. I just love my wife and Husna; my daughter.

    Did i mentioned books? More books on my desk. This this it's about computer related books. A thick 300 pages of SCO Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Win NT and some manuals. Several computer related magazine also on my desk such as Chip, ComputeTime and many more.

    Files and more files on my desk. Everything is about my work at the office. Need to update the files.

    An empty mineral water bottle is sitting next to my monitor. Maybe a refill would be nice. Need more coffee now.

    That's about it. Nothing fancy about my desk so i do hope the person who asked me can sleep in peace. I never thought bl'ogging can be such fun. People like to get to know me better by asking some weird stuff. Even asked what do i like the most about women's chest. Come on guys, kids are reading my bl'og.

    You know what, it's time to clean up my desk. Maybe you should too.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:33 PM  
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