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    Monday, December 19, 2005
    Then Delete this Pink text.
    Oh boy, some sick software authors are out of business. Better they get a new job before 2006 kicks in. The authors are lazy enough not to update their template but still, the money keeps on rolling. I'm talking about "then delete this pink text" template. This software normally for a quick page builder for those who don't know about HTML or such.

    What is the "delete this pink text" syndrom? This is where you should replace it with your own text. But some "i-can't-wait-to-ge-rich" publisher, just upload it and hope to get a six figure income from it. Do you want to see an example of the template?

    Now to persuade the buyers. A whole lot of mambo-jumbo about how great it is to use the product and at the end of it, is the owners name ( or is it? ) with nicely writen. But, sorry to say this, it's the default template! Do you feel cheated after reading this article? I don't know if the product that you bought from this kind of website worth buying from. Take a good look at the pink text again.

    How about those testimonials? Are they real or is it from the template? I'm sure you can decide it yourself. Below is the "testimonials" from buyers that bought the product. Notice the pink text again?

    Now let us take a look at some website using this testimonials. I'm sure you will never trust these kind of software author again. This time the affiliate publisher is wise enough to delete the pink text but stupid enough to use the same testimonials.

    Now, is this real? Can we ( you ) trust the testimonials? Is it worth buying this type of products? I'm sure some are worth buyinh but the other half just forking your wallet. Poorly planned software can lead to disaster and you just can gain trust from users by making-up testimonials and such. I know the author already stated that the publisher must do some editing but, some publishers are just too lazy.

    Who is Melissa Pierce of Tampa and David Crow? I have no idea maybe some dead person giving a free testimonial from the grave. Becareful not to step into a trap that can cause you fortune. How do i spot the "not-to-great" website using poor template? Easy, just Google it. If Google already indexed it, you can compare it easily using the steps below.

    Let say that you want to find out about Melissa Pierce of Tampa. Just copy any words in the testimonial and paste it to Google. You must put the " sign at the beggining and at the end of your search.

    "Melissa Pierce of Tampa, Florida says:"

    Try use the phrase above and you can see so many affiliate site with Melissa in it. If this Melissa so famous, would you love to meet her in person? My point is, you should use your critical thinking, not just in the real world but also in the cyber world. A great reading for you about critical reading can be found at Take care and don't use the default template next time will ya.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:49 PM  
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