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    Thursday, December 01, 2005
    Thank you to donators.
    I don't know how to start my post. The reason is five of my readers decided to donate to me. As usuall, i'll check my emails daily and this morning donation comfirmations in my inbox. I don't have a proper word to write right now. I can't think a sentence to describe my feeling. The only words i can think of is THANK YOU.

    Kathy M, Sazali Hassan and Russell Gumns decided to help me after they read my plead for my father's heart operation. The file is in PDF file so you might want to get Acrobat Reader to read it. It's about my tutorial on how to promote stuff by using streaming and at the end of it is my plea. Good to hear that you are using my tutorial to promote your products. Hey, give me your links and i'll place it in my bl'og.

    Evil Monkey and his friends, because of my Adsense tips. I'm not an Adsense guru but glad to hear that you guys making $100 daily. All my Adsense tips were based on my own experience. It might work for you or it might not but it doesn't hurt to try. Evil Monkey and friends, i thanked you for your help and i do hope your goal of reaching $200 daily comes true soon.

    Markp-R is my new friend and i'm glad to meet him. His kind words is like a majot boost for me. By the way, if you're looking for some great posters, try his site here. With a low price tag, his posters are the best for those who're looking for a motivational posters.

    My father told me that if i help others, one day they will help me and it's true. Donald Trump once said to speak from your heart and people's trust will follow and how true it is. I wrote from my heart and from the emails i've read, they can actually felt what was going in my mind. Many bl'ogger forget about human relationship and for me that's sad. I'm using my bl'og as the medium the reach millions of reader out there and i know i'm on the right track. I'm getting more readers every single day and i love it. Getting close to my readers is my main goal and they kept coming for more.

    Again, thank you for your support since my day one of bl'ogging. If the donations keep coming in, i'll get my own domain and host soon. I do hope you can help me by donating to me and if everything went well, you'll see Jamloceng bl'ogging from his own domain. Thank you.

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