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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Spell me wrong and virus will be onto you.
    Nope, i'm not trying to be a pirate in a late Halloween party. I'm talking about misspelled domain and how it can be dangerous to our life. Yes, your life is in danger. Don't belive me, i'll show some example.

    Before that i would like to tell some about the misspelled domain. Let say that you're looking for Podcas but you accidentally typed Podcat or something and you'll be in the land of virus or some sick kids porno site. Yes, misspelled domain is selling like hot cake and more domains are up for sale. The reason is to get people who typed the wrong domain. It's for profit or just to destroy your computer ( trojan,virus etc ).

    In the case of Google's AdSense for domains, intentional misspellings led to domains held by a Panamanian company called Unasi Inc., apparently for the purpose of gaining AdSense revenue, eWeek's Ryan Naraine reported.

    It was Microsoft Research that uncovered the scam, the report said:

    With the new Strider Typo-Patrol System, the Microsoft Research Systems Management Research Group was able to track down a ring of typo-squatters registering misspelled domain names and generating traffic to serve advertising from Google.

    The report listed Amazon, Expedia, and Mapquest among the brands victimized by the scheme. Google's domain parking server hosted nearly all the misspelled URLs. via WebProNews

    So, better make sure you got the right URL. Double check your URL before hitting the enter button just to be on the safe side.
    The idea of making money from other people's lack of typing skill is not new. Some people have made a decent living simply by winning auctions on eBay on misspelled items that regular users do not find, then reselling the items for a profit under a correct spelling. Clever programmers found ways around this problem but without it being integrated into eBay itself, the solutions are useful only to people who know they exist. via Arstechnica

    Maybe i can get some nice missipelledd donmain later. What do you think about that?

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:24 PM  
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