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    Wednesday, December 14, 2005
    Google Spam Report.
    Google have a nice form for you to report about unhealthy site. You can use their form and save others from spams. Why did i say that? Because misleading site can cause you a hole in your wallet. Let us read what Google says about this kind of act.

    We work hard to return the most relevant results for every search we conduct. To that end, we encourage site managers to make their content straightforward and easily understood by users and search engines alike. Unfortunately, not all websites have users' best interests at heart. Trying to deceive (spam) our web crawler by means of hidden text, deceptive cloaking or doorway pages compromises the quality of our results and degrades the search experience for everyone.
    Google Spam Report.

    In the form, Google list down several NO-NO for you to choose. Make sure you know what you're doing and don't take this as your latest April Fool gag. Below is the list :

    1. Hidden text or links
    2. Misleading or repeated words
    3. Page does not match Google's description
    4. Cloaked page
    5. Deceptive redirects
    6. Doorway pages
    7. Duplicate site or pages
    8. Others

    Shall we go into the details as usual. Let's start with #1 shall we. Ermm...hidden text. Take a look at the word hidden. Why must one hide something from you? That's the question you must know by now. I'm sure i don't have to spell out for you right because all of my readers are pure genius. But for those who just found thi article, let me explaine it to you.

    Some greedy website owner using hidden text to generate some income. For example, if the site owner is an Adsense publisher, he can easily get ads that he wants without any high quality content. This site owner can hide his or her text by using the same colour as their site background or using some anchor codes. Adsense will read the code and thinks that the content or site is about so-and-so. What is so-and-so you might ask? Let say he or she is using words related to Adsense ( generate money from home, Adsense for dummies etc ) and hides it so that Adsense bot thinks it's about Adsense.

    Why cheat on Adsense? You can use their guideline to get the related ads by using Section Targeting. Adsense has already posted an important guideline for publisher. Yes, this is not for the big boys only but for all publishers. Just follow their guideline and you'll be happy with the result.

    Cloaked pages also a big NO-NO and Google just put a spam-flag on those pages. A nice article about cloaking can be read at I'm so amazed at how many company or individual offering cloaking software. My biggest worry is, if you search for "cloaking software", plentty of AdWords publishers offering this kind of software. The funny thing is Google consider it as a big NO but at the same time Google is allowing ads about it. I'm not questioning Google policy but don't you think it's weird? Enough about Google, just don't cloack your pages.

    Doorway pages is also pretty nasty in terms of grabbing the first spot in search engines. Basicaly, doorway pages just a bunch of garbage with zillion of backlinks. Yes, doorway and link farm at the same time is something all search engine hates. SearchEngineWatch has a great article about doorway pages. Long story short, doorway pages was so yesterday and this is how they created it.

    By using a software they can published thousand of pages at one blow. Yes, by adding some text and links, you can fire up your doorway pages to all search engine in just under 10 minutes. What is in the pages? Just links pointing back to your original site and some link farming going as well. Again, if you search Google using "doorway pages", plentty of AdWords publishers showing their ads. I need to talk to Google about their AdWords policy later.

    Maybe we should talk about AdWords policy and their Spam Policy now. According to their Spam Report, doorway and cloak pages are not allowed but when it comes to AdWords ( aka revenue ), Google are allowing ads about doorway and cloak software/services. I'm dumb and i know that, but i just can understand the whole scene. First the ask us to report to them but at the same time encouraging AdWords pubslihers to advertise about the thing they ban before.

    What do you think about this? Pretty interesting topic eh. Ok, i know i'm bit off topic but still, interesting to dig.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:00 PM  
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