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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005
    Promote your article.
    Search engines just love articles ( text ) and they will index it faster. Ever wonder why search engines doesn't index your flash or images faster than content? Search engines will read but it can't see, that's why. So if you have some great article submit it to several article directory.

    I've took some "hard muscle" to dig some of the article directory so you can submit your articles. How do you got indexed by major search engines? As i've told earlier, to get So the trick is, in your article slip your URL. What for? To get a higher page rank. This is a free method to get back links and it will push your site to the top of the list.

    Submit as many article as you want but don't over-do it. Most article directory are not being reviewed by human but by robots. Changes are, you can easily get approval in less in 5 minutes. Below is my list that i use to submit my articles.

    Some might work and some might not and some might ask you to register. But most of the article directory are free for you to use. I have more article submitting directory but it's too big. If you just Google, you'll find more article directory. Remember, search engines just love text so feed them some more but don't over-do it.
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