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    Friday, December 16, 2005
    More Jobs using piracy?
    Piracy is the main terrorist for all major software vendors and makers. With billion of dollars to protect, piracy is seen as the main revenue killer for them.

    But do know that more jobs can be offered to the public? For example in Malaysia, more than 20,000 fresh graduates are not working. I'm looking this issue from a different view. In Vietnam almost 2 billion woth of pirated copies are circulating around Asia. Who's going to enforce the law? Let me give you a simple calculation about piracy. Let us take Vietnam for example.

    Pirated Goods worth 20 millions equals to 4 millions pirated goods users.

    Looking at the simple figure, it's near to impossible to raid all the illegal downloads and pirated CD's. If the Asean countries joinning hands, still, we can only see a small drop in pirated copies. The reason is, not enough manpower. Where can we get the extra muscle? Yes from unemployed fresh graduates.

    The problem that may arise is, will the fresh graduates say yes? They ( fresh graduates ) are hoping to get job according to their academic level and a field work maybe not as interesting as it gets. They would like to get a big juicy paycheck but i doubt the enforcement bodies are willing to pay a high salary. Again, let us look at another formula shall we.

    Reduce pirated goods worth $30b ( in USD ) per year. Let say the enforcement bodies willing to pay $2000 monthly, equals to $20m ( 2000 x 10,000 fresh graduates )

    Still the copyrights holders can make some nice profits in a long run. That only for Vietnam and not for the rest of Asean countries! In my opinion, fresh graduates can lower the piracy percentage. The BSA or IRAA can employ fresh graduates from different background such as computer softwares, system admins, architects and so on. For the none computer related graduates, maybe they can work on the as the field officers or something. Imagine million of users using P2P to download copyright goods from internet, even the best honeypot server in the world can't read all the logs. We still need human-based workers to operate the servers. With the technology of grid computer, detecting illegal downloads can be reduced but still human workers are the final decision maker.

    The more jobs offered, the high the buying power. This will increase the sale of copyrights in the future. The more we maximize buying power, the more computer can be sold and that is a good news to the software vendors and makers. Sony have made a wrong turn by using their rootkit and hoping that will solve the problem and it has proven to be a failure.

    If the enforcement bodies ( RIAA, BSA etc ) solely depending on police or other government bodies, shutting down illegal copies will be a day-in and day-out process. It's just like a loop and i think there's a good side from the bad side of piracy. It creates more jobs for you and me.
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