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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Mini interview with the best blogger.
    Reen is the proud owner of CintaSemusim and has been blogging for years now. She has been blogging about almost all topics and based on her long time blogging experience, she is one of the pioneer in blogsphere. Read on about her feelings and her blog. This interview is in her own words and i didn't change or edit any of it. Enjoy.

    Q : Why do you blog and when?
    I have been doing my online journal since year 2003, largely to pass time and share experiences. I rarely reread my posts. Hence the tremendous number of typos and grammatical errors. It's not just about blogging and showing my interest in writing, not because to tell the reader everything about me. It's just about passion.

    Q : What can you do with your blog?

    Reveals my point of view about life, everything around me. I had what seemed an offer of new modes of conversation, expression, and sharing . If I had an extra time to change my way of blogging, I will try to get an extra income like you but for now I still prefer to continue my daily writing about life.

    Q : Where do you see yourself in the blogsphere in another 5 years?

    I'm not expecting to write an online journal for my entire life. But blog writing is like going off for a walk with no predetermined finish time or route, sometimes the walk is through the fields, sometimes along the streets. Anyway for the next 5 years, I hope that I can continue my plans that I have been put on hold. I still want to continue my online journal, live in the lively atmosphere and wonderful blogsphere.

    ---- End of Line ----

    I wish i had a live interview with her but maybe next time. I do agree with her about blogging and how it affects our life. I'm trying to get an interview with another great blogger. So, if you need some advise about mobile phone or shopping spree, stay tune.
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