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    Monday, December 05, 2005
    Mind mapping software.
    What is mind mapping? Mind mapping is way to get your goal straight. Created by Tony Buzan, mind mapping can help you in setting your goal. This method can help you in your life. The next line is the most important thing to remember to improve your life!

    A mind map or mindmap is a pictorial representation how a central concept is linked to other concepts and issues. It is similar to a semantic network or cognitive map but there are no formal restrictions on the kinds of links used. Most often the map involves color or monochrome images, words, and lines. The elements are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts and they are organized into groupings, branches, or areas.

    In other words, a mind map is a multicolored and image centered radial diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of learned material. The uniform graphic formulation of the semantic structure of information on the way to gathering knowledge may help reconsolidation of memories. It is advertised as a way of increasing motivation to work on a task. For example, the map can graphically illustrate the structure of government institutions in a state. A mind map well-structured and well-established can be subject to review (e.g. with spaced repetition).

    You can make your own mind map if you like. Pretty easy to make your own mind map by using papers, coloured pens etc. Below is what you need to do to make your own mind map.

    1. Write the title of the subject in the center of the page, and draw a circle around it. This is shown by the circle marked 1 in the figure 1.
    2. For the major subject subheadings, draw lines out from this circle. Label these lines with the subheadings. These are shown by the lines marked 2 in figure 1.
    3. If you have another level of information belonging to the subheadings above, draw these and link them to the subheading lines. These are shown by the lines marked 3 in figure 1.
    4. Finally, for individual facts or ideas, draw lines out from the appropriate heading line and label them. These are shown by the lines marked 4 in figure 1.

    For more info about making your own mind map, please read this great article from

    But if you prefer to use a mind mapping software, i'll give you my secret to get things in order easily. I'm using Freemind to get my mind map working. FreeMind is written in Java but super fast loading and you can export you mind map to images, HTML, XML and more. The best part is, FreeMind is a free mind mapping software.

    It's time for you to try mind mapping as an alternative way to improve your goal setting. Mind mapping has helped me alot with my goal setting and i'm a happy user. Help yourself by using a proper mind mapping software. Maybe this is the one you've been looking for years. I'm using FreeMind with my article and i'm exploring a new view about writing.
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