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    Monday, December 19, 2005
    Loophole in Google's own rule?
    Recently i've discovered that Google is not following its own rule. Maybe i'm wrong but if you have any direct link about their policy, that would be nice. This is a mini follow-up for my Google Spam Report.

    I've found an AdWords advertiser with Adsense in it. According to Adsense TOS. Adsense doesn't allow Adsense to be on no content page. Take a look below, this site is an AdWords advertiser with Adsense in it!

    Adsense Search and Adsense Links on this page. This makes me think about Google. Are they stepping on each others foot? Adsense is not allow on an empty ( no content ) page but AdWords allow this kind of page. Living under the same roof, Google seems can't to be on the same track with their own department ( Adsense and AdWords ).

    This is fun, make no-content page with plentty of Adsense in it, show it to AdWords and off you go. Yes, easy money with this method don't you think so? But wait, Adsense is free but AdWords you must pay for the ads. If this advertiser use AdWords ( pay ) just to show his or her empty page with Adsense in it, how much this guy pays for his AdWords campaign? How much is his or her Adsense revenue?

    Is he or she making more money from Adsense using this method? I've no idea about this method and i don't know how Google make their rule. This loophole can get them in deep trouble. How? Here's how.

    Let say i created a page with no content in it but with Adsense all over the place. Then Adsense decide this is a big NO-NO and cancel my account. I can tell my lawyer that AdWords allow it and i have invest a chunk of money. I can tell my lawyer, i assume that it's okay to do that because AdWords and Adsense belongs to Google and i can get $30 million from Google.

    Not that i want to do that but, loopholes can get you in trouble. What do you think about this? Will Google get a lawsuit from Adsense or AdWords publishers? Only time can tell and i'm looking forward to see changes on Google's policies.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:05 PM  
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