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    Thursday, December 29, 2005
    Linux for human race.
    On 26th December 2004 some said as the Black Christmas of Asia. After a year of tsunami in Asia, we're still struggling mentally and financially. More than 260,000 are dead are many more still missing.

    India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives and several African countries saw the power of mothernature. As we all know most Asian countries are still under the par in terms of financially wise. We need an early warning system for Tsunami or any natural disaster. Asia is on the "Ring of Fire" and natural disaster is common.

    I'm proposing Linux as a cheap and fast OS for the early warning system. Let it open so we can developt and update the system. Malaysia and India are well-known in producing Linux programmer and Win32. By creating an open source system, affected countries will look at ths code more seriously because this involves their life. Sharing information between countries is important in order to create more accurate system.

    A "chained computer" or grid computer can be use as the main factor in getting Linux to work. Linux system can be use as the ground system too. I'm talking about making an early warning system that works like a screensaver, just like SETI@Home. I'm sure most of you heard and used SETI@Home before and imagine if million of Linux users in Asia running this system. Faster warning can be given to potential countries thus saving lifes.

    With a low cost Operating System, poor countries can obtain more control in focusing on developing the system. If one ask me what type of Linux, i might say SuSE Linux or Debian. In order to make Linux as the warning system, we need to make it user-friendly and SuSE is one of them. This is not for techies only but for all and for me, the more the better this system can be made available. Using a pre-compiled Live-CD for Linux is a big step in my honest opinion. You can move around with a CD and plug it in anytime and anywhere without a need to install it.

    In the diagram is how the system can be made. From the satellite, the warning can be send to a centrel server and to normal Linux users. If a natural disaster detected by a user, he or she can send an alarm to the server and others can see the alarm too.

    SETI@Home uses this method to detect alien or something from outer space and why not we use the same method on earth? I'm not saying SETI@Home is a bad idea but maybe it's time to focus on something important on earth. With this system, a user can send an alarm to Google Map and from there, Google Map will give an update of the affected area or countries.

    I'm not a Linux guru or something and with my limited source of Linux, i can see how important Linux for human race. Please spread this article to help Asia and the world. Give this article to your President, Prime Minister or King and tell them how important it is to use Linux as the early warning system. Malaysia is the first in Asia to install an early warning for tsunami. It will be fully working in mid 2006 and i hope the system is an open source.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:24 AM  
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