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    Thursday, December 08, 2005
    Link exchange is the thing ( most likely)
    Link exchange can help you in getting a higher page rank. The more incoming link pointing to your site or bl'og, the higher your page rank will be. For some of you who missed my review about page rank, you can easily spot the rank by using Firefox toolbar. I've place a FireFox toolbar here for you to spot who's ranking the top rank.

    Now back to link exchange. I've seen so many site that create link farm just to boost their popularity. That is sooo yesterday my friend. Search engines are getting smart for you to trick. Back in the early days, creating link farm can boost your popularity but not today. If you spotted doing that, most likely you will get even lower page rank or getting ban from search engines.

    What is link farm? Below is the basic definition of link farm.

    A link farm post large amount of unrelated links on their site. Link farm sites and the links that the site provides are pretty much useless and not worth adding links to. (a.k.a. FFA - Free for All).

    If you're doing this, please delete those page to prevent hurting your popularity even more. So, am i saying that link exchange is a bad thing? Yes if you're doing link farming and no if you doing it the search engine-friendly way. I'm NOT a search engine guru, so don't blame me if my view kind of off track. This is my own experience so it might be right it might won't.

    Many service out there offering you link exchange for free or even with some huge price tag on it. Getting the right link can improve your popularity. Before i go even deeper, i would like to clarify something with you. This method is NOT the one and only way to get a higher popularity. Remember, content is ALWAYS the King.

    Before i accept any link, i always check their :

    1. Page rank.
    2. Content.

    Page ranks.
    What do i mean by checking out their page rank? To save your time, it's wise to scroll up a bit and re-read about the FireFox toolbar. I'm looking for a site(s) with the high page rank. I'll start with a 5/10 page rank site and build up my own list. For a start, you can start accepting links from a 4/10 page rank site. Hey,even i start from a smaller ranking site. This is not a "right-or-wrong" method just i'm talking about my previous experience only.

    If the site has a bunch of links, try to get their page rank. The higher their page rank, the better. This is not a direct way to get high rank for your site but just think if your URL sitting in one place with the high ranks site. This is just to get attention and nothing else. Below is a diagram that explaine about this method.

    Let say your site is about how to cook duck and accepting a links are not related to your site is just unwise. Try to get a site that is related to your content. By using a smooth flow of content related site, you can get instant attention from that site. To maintain a good "first-impression", make sure the site you're linking not containing rubbish content even if it's related to your site. I've seen many site that is based on scrapped content from other site. This is not good in terms of building your image and popularity.

    Don't just accept links related to your content but it's worth to do some research about their content first. Read their archives and compare it to your site. Again, use the method in the page rank paragraph.

    I hope you find this tips interesting for you in building your popularity. Stay away from link farm even it's related to your content. Search engines just love honest person and by doing the right way according to their Terms Of Service, you'll see huge different in next couple of months. Yes, months. I never said it's going to be easy and super-fast. Well, sometimes pure luck is just what we need and that is rarely to happen.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:36 PM  
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