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    Friday, December 30, 2005
    It's time to say GOODBYE.
    Yes, this might be my last post to my blog. It's time to say goodbye to all my readers. But i'll be back after the first of January. Yup, it's a public holiday here in Malaysia.

    No, i'm not quitting from writing for this blog. So don't started making "In memory of Jamloceng" website yet. Before i leave 2005, i want to share with you about my 2005 stories. This is not in order so don't blame me if you got confused or something.

    Started my blog in April with a simple default template with no sponsors at all. Not even Adsense in my blog but i'm working on that. After several weeks of zero visits, thing started to zoom in. With 30 visits per day, more articles were posted and sponsors started giving me a green light. Adsense is the main contributor to my revenue.

    Husna Khalida is my first child and now she's 4 months old. Looking at her kind of gave me a new breath of air. Hearing her cuckle tends to make me laugh and her loud cry at 3 a.m woke me in flash. But i love her so much and someone gave her a Nemo stuffed figure. I don't know who gave it to her but from the address, it was from Denmark! I'm sure that was from my reader and who ever you are, i would like to say thank you.

    Getting more visits with a total of 100++ visit daily. People started to talk about my blog in forums and yes some were too hard on me. But that's life, i can't make everyone happy. But any comments are most welcome so don't be affraid, just email me and if i have time, i'll try to reply your email. Talk about email, now i got about 50-60 emails daily so you can image my life now. Reading all those email ( yes i do read all the emails you sent ) gave me a different view about life and blogging.

    My article about Adsense also contribute to the visits. I'm getting more exposure because of this article and because of that someone decided to copy my article and edit it like it was made by him. I've sent several emails to the authorities about this man so he know the value of "copycat". But he remove my article from his blog and i'm ok with that. I don't mind people using my article but please don't edit it and insert your own affiliate code in it. That's too cheap to get some money.

    Softwares are everywhere in my computer. Some email me their software and asked me to be one of their beta tester. So i did..but not all. Testing a software is not an easy task and it would take some of my time (which i don't have enough of it). I have tested around 30-40 software for Linux and Windows. A man by the name Mr.MacBeOS gave me a software and that software only can be run from Mac OS! At first i thought Mr.MacBeOS gave me a FreeBSD or BeOS apps and boy i was wrong. Right now i'm not taking any new software to test so please don't ask me to be your beta tester. If i have the time, i'll get back to you.

    Adsense....errmm...because of Adsense, i'm teaching new publishers how to tweak their Adsense. From my YM! several publishers came to me with a big $$$ signs on their eyeballs asking me to teach them. So i gave them some basic tips and now some of them enjoy a nice $250 daily. All this for free and i never ask for a fee in return, just a simple thank you is more than enough. For the advance Adsense tips, better get this tips from Joel.

    Well that's about it. The rest is history or should be in the history vault. Not an exciting life eh? Well, i can't write everything in a singe page. Did some interviews here and there and getting use to my new blogging software. I'm using wBloggar as my main offline and online blogging tool.

    Several people donated to me for my work and for no good reason but i'm pleased to know that my blog actually "reach out" to my readers. As you can see, i post alot about Linux and reviewed some of them. Reason...i want to promote Linux to Malaysian. I'm not targeting the world domination but i try to scale down to local users.

    I do hope the next coming year will be great for both of us. Happy New Year to all from Jamloceng.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:24 PM  
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