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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005
    I'm big, you're not!
    I'm not a bully so don't be affraid. I just want you to ride with me into the memory lane. Why not, it's fun to go into the time capsule. I'm going to show you how i become big and the rest still small. I'm going to share my experience regarding the internet layout. what kind of layout? The answer is beneth you my child ( my on version of Star Wars ).

    So what is this big and small thing? I'm talking about fonts. Yes, simple fonts that can make you look big. In the early phase of internet, almost all website used big fonts. I'm not talking about 50 points fonts but big enough compared to the normal fonts in the books we read. The reason is to grab readers attention. Simple as that.

    Big fonts tend to be asy on our eyes and that can trigger interest. Yes, we need that trigger to drive more readers and to make sure they stick to our content.

    In the mid 90's, publishers use smaller fonts so that they can cramp everything into one page. Just look at your daily newspaper, they still use small fonts. According to Fitts Law, smaller is not so good. By applying the law, we can get more attention by using bigger fonts. What is Fitts Law?

    Fitts' law is a robust model of human psychomotor behavior developed in 1954. The model is based on time and distance. It enables the prediction of human movement and human motion based on rapid, aimed movement, not drawing or writing.

    It seems intuitive that movement time would be affected by the distance moved and the precision demanded by the size of the target to which one is moving. Fitts discovered that movement time was a logarithmic function of distance when target size was held constant, and that movement time was also a logarithmic function of target size when distance was held constant. Mathematically, Fitts' law is stated as follows:

    MT = a + b log2(2A/W)


    * MT = movement time
    * a,b = regression coefficients
    * A = distance of movement from start to target center
    * W = width of the target

    More on Fitts Law.

    Now more site owners are using big fonts again. Study has proven that visitors most likely to click or re-visit site with bigger fonts. Grabbing visitors attention by using bigger fonts is important if you have something to offer to the visitors. To view some good example of bigger fonts, check out the list below.

    Those sites are just brilliant with bigger fonts. If your bl'og still using the smaller fonts, it's time to get BIG. This can increase your page view and if you are an Adsense publisher, it might help you getting more income. Maybe Adsense can allow us to change the fonts size next time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:59 AM  
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