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    Monday, December 12, 2005
    How to sell your words--GUARANTEE!
    Words is so important in our live not just for a chat with friends but also in business. Yes, we talk alot but do we deliver what we just said? How much is your word worth? Can your word generate incomes?

    Nowdays, words are important and choosing the right words can gain you a huge revenue. Why must we choose the right words? Let say that you're selling a product via internet and you're hoping income in return. You want people to buy your product just by reading your content. Carefully choose your words can land you an order in just couples of paragraph.

    Adsense, AdWords users are using heavily keywords to get the maximum return in revenue. By selecting the right words, Adsense and AdWord users can get the right price or bid that are mostly used by visitors. Even, services dedicated to the right words offering their service to you with a fee. See how they can actually sell words? They sell keywords because of demands.

    So what is the magic formula? Just use AIDA in your ezine, content or anything that you can sell. Do you want to know what is AIDA? Before that, if you already making your word sells, you can always do the next step; that is Context Sell.

    AIDA is the short for Attention, Interest, Detail and Action. This formula can help you sell your words and you better print or bookmark this page. Are you ready to learn my experience about AIDA? Not yet? Why wait? Maybe this is the most important tips that can change your revenue.

    Attention - Grab your visitors attention is important. You only have 3-4 seconds before they push the delete button. We don't want that to happen. How can we grab our visitor's attention? I've repeatedly wrote about getting the best headline. I know, all of us are not journalist but we can copy their method in producing a great headline. Below are the example of headlines:

    How-to's headlines
    "How to Increase Your Income In 15 Days Without A Dime" - This will grab your visitors attention in seconds. Let us get into the details shall we. What, this is a simple thing some of you might shout. Yes it's easy but do you use it? This is the lesson i've learned in hard way. Let not repeat the same mistake.

    How to Increase

    This part will let our visitors know that this article is about How-to's. Study has proven that by using this method, you can grab your visitors attention about 2 seconds. That my friend means alot! After the how-to, you're directing their attention to the word increase. See how smooth it was and you just gain another 1 second.

    Your Income

    For me, it;s not about me but it's about the readers. So we must make our visitors comfortable. Remember, try to use less "i" and use more you, we and us. As Dale Carnegie said in his book, people need to feel important. Always welcome your readers or visitors. I use the word Your Income to give a solid picture that this is not about me. The article or tip is about how to increase their income.

    15 Days

    You can suggest a time period so your visitors can get the whole idea about how long does it takes to use your method ( if they bought your product ). Why it's so important? Why not, we all live in a tight schedule so suggesting a time period is important.

    Without A Dime

    This is where you can actually grab your readers attention. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Save the best for last". You must put your punchline with the most powerfull words you get your hands on.

    Now you know how to create the greatest headline, let us recap. Use a smooth flow headline to grab those attention. You only have seconds and wasting the priceless attention will lead you to zero revenue. It's time for you to create your own headline using the following examples below:

    1. Use a question - "Are you sick of your day job?"
    2. Command - "Double Your Income in 2 Weeks And Quit Your Job"
    3. Suggestion - "Would You Like To Go For A Free Vacation?"
    4. News - "Announcing a Brand New Discovery in Making Money From Home".
    5. Testimonials - "Jamloceng Tips Is Pure Genius, Our Sales Increased by 150% in 2 weeks!"

    Insert the words that Yale University found to be powerfull in your salesletter, ezine, article or anything. These words are so powerful, Yale University actualy wrote a whitepaper about it. The words are:

    Money, Discovery, Save, Easy, New, Results, Guaranteed, Safety, Proven, You and Health.

    Play around with the words to make a powerful headline. By using example above ( question, command etc ) create your own headline. Try to get associated words from the Yale University study. Let say that your are creating headline about making money from home. I suggest you use the following method.

    1. What is related to money? - Currency, forex, Adsense etc.
    2. In what way money can help? - Pay bills, college fees, car loans etc.

    I'm going to tell you my experience about creating and understanding about headlines. I just use chickens for my headline. Yes, chicken and it's working like a charm. I know this might sound funny but please read below about how chicken can help you in your revenue.

    I just write a big word of chicken on a piece of paper. Then i'll look for things related to chicken and this will be your sub topics. From the sub-topics, i'll then look for things related to the sub-topic and that will be my sub-sub-topic. You can go into several levels if you like but sometimes less is more. To make things easier for you, i suggest you a nice free software that can map your idea. I do hope my article can help you in getting the right headlines in your future business. Now you've tried my method in selling your words, you might want to consider selling your content without forking a dollar from your wallet. Combine both method and you'll get more sale within 1 month or less.

    Many have combined Selling Your Words and Selling Your Content and they already enjoying a nice $25,000 per month. I wish you great health and wealth and all the best to you and the holiday seasson is around the corner. Get you revenue rolling during the seasson.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:07 PM  
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