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    Friday, December 30, 2005
    Happy family of Ubuntu.
    Ubuntu, a Linux maker is making a big entrance in 2005. More and more Ubuntu Linux users already received their free Ubuntu Linux CD. They will ship the CD's for free, so get it now.

    I'm not a hardcore fan of Ubuntu and i seldom browse their page. But this morning, i saw something new for me. Ok, i'm few months late so i admit LOL. My main Linux flavour is SuSE, so that answered your question why i'm late. I'm not saying Ubuntu is bad but i've been SuSE for years so i'm use to it.

    So what is the new thing for me at Ubuntu page? The answer is Kubuntu. At first i'm little bit lost about Kubuntu. "Was Kubundu made based on Ubuntu?". So after digging deeper, Kubuntu is related to Ubuntu Linux. From their FAQ, Kubuntu is base on KDE 3.4. But of course you can convert back to Gnome in few seconds.

    Another thing in Ubuntu page is Edubuntu for the smaller users. Edubuntu is for kids to understand Linux in a "non-techie" environment. This is great as they can start using Linux at early age. Even some "45-years-old" kid can learn Linux by getting Edubuntu LOL.

    By the way, Mark Shuttleworth; the founder of Ubuntu won a new award at the Linux New Media Awards at Linux World Expo in Germany.
    Mark thanked everyone involved, in particular the Debian community, and added “This is the tipping point for Software Libre – we are starting to see Linux on the desktop become a reality not just for high end power users, but for the rest of the family too. The hard work of hundreds of thousands of anonymous contributors has reached critical mass, our momentum is now unstoppable. It's a great privilege to be part of this quiet revolution.” via UbuntuLinux.

    Great job guys and keep it coming.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:58 PM  
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