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    Thursday, December 08, 2005
    Don't make a prank call.
    Listening to those prank calls really made me laugh. I found an online radio streaming prank calls. Boy, i need a good laugh once in a while. Beware, please don't make any prank calls or you might get sued by a Chinese fast food restaurant like this guy.

    Anyway, the policeman had records that 4 prank phone calls were made from Kevin’s house to Wu’s Garden and that Mr. Wu was pressing charges against him.
    In the end, he got a 500 dollar fine (for calling without intent to make a conversation) and a 2,500 fine (for racist comments) and his parents grounded him for a year.

    Googling around some more, i've found a website that teaches you how to make a prank call. Please don't try this but please DO try this with your friends. No...i'm joking.

    Keep the Conversation Flowing Naturally -- Try to keep the call flowing like a real conversation. Remember that the call is between two people, so you each you have some time for speaking. It doesn't sound normal, or even that funny, when it's just the prank caller doing all the chattering. Encouraging responses from the call victim makes the call flow more smoothly, sounds more natural and real, and you can then play off their responses to add even more hilarity to your calls. You'll find that some of the funniest prank calls out there are the ones where the caller plays the straight man, and through pushing the right buttons, elicits funny replies or verbal abuse from the call victim. You will find much more success this way than yourself trying to be a comedian on the phone or unleashing a torrent of verbal abuse yourself, which usually just results in a quick hang-up by the other person. I find the best prank calls are those where the other person is so frustrated and irate that they are the one who is doing all the swearing.

    Couple of months ago, i accidentally prank somebody. Well, the other end that was calling so this is not 100% prank call i think. One morning as i'm browsing some online news, the phone rang. Normally i'll greet the person on the other end first but that day i need to sneeze. A young girl is on the other end and start talking.

    "Hi sayang (honey), tomorrow maybe we can go to watch the latest movie or something" said the girl. Gosh, i can feel horns are coming out from my skull hehehehe. "Tomorrow i just can't make it. My parents just came and they need to talk to me about something" i said to her. "Come on sayang, i heard the movie is good". My stomach is about to blow.

    "I just can't, they need to talk to me about some important thing" i said to her. "What's so important?" she said to me. "They said that they want me to marry someone from hometown or something". At this time she began to sream and cursing at me. Well that typical girl i-hate-you scream thing you know.

    I just can't stand this anymore. I asked her what is the person's name she's calling. She said Shaidi and guess what that's not my name! I told her that she got the wrong number. I can't hear a single sound at this time. Then i told her, next time check the numbers before asking sombody else for a date. I'm married and i have nice beatiful daughter; i told her before she started to burst in laughter.

    For your information, no damage done so we live happily ever after. Guess what, that girl is getting married next month and she told me by the phone! Weird eh?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:34 PM  
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