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    Monday, December 05, 2005
    Don't call me Tarzan.
    Everybody know Tarzan just love to yell and jump from one tree to another. Easy living for him, no tax, bills to pay and loans to hide. But if you look Tarzan from another view, we can actually learn something from Tarzan. I'm not talking about his language ( i'm Tarzan, you Jane, me hungry ) but i'm looking as using his style for bl'og. Huh? Sounds weird for you? Maybe this article can help you in your artice.

    Where is Tarzan's home? Yup, high on the tallest tree in the jungle. So what can you learn from this? You need to be able to see things happening around you from a bird-eye-view. This can give you a different view about topics that you never thought of. Fo example, do you the details on how to make an ice cream? It's amazing to look varies topic from different view. I'm not asking you to climb the tree in your backyard before you bl'og, but looking things from varies view can actually help.

    Being on the top kind make you feel "i'm the king" am i right? We need to be on the top list for others to see us. To achieve that, do like Tarzan; see things from the top. After that, shout as loud as you can to make sure people notice you. Just like Tarzan, he shouts for help. Monkey, elephant, tiger and the whole crew of Animal Planet will help him. Getting confused with my article? Ok, five minutes break for you to go to the toilet.

    Done? Great, now let us shout a little bit more. To get the attention, you need to make something different. Be the first to write about any interesting topic and write it in style. You can post your article to article directory, Digg,, slashdot, forums or even your newsletter. You will see tonnes of traffic heading your way if your article good enough. By all means, i'm not going to make this looks easy but it's worth trying. Huge traffic means huge income.

    After a good shout, Tarzan normally eat his bananas with his pets near the waterfall. Go ahead, take a vacation near the waterfall but that's not what i'm going to lead you. After a hard day saving Jane, he will take a rest to clear his mind. Why must you force your brain to write something that is not "up to the level"? Take a rest to study what have you done in one day. Pick up the details and write it down for your first draught. In my previous post, i've stated how important to map your idea using a mind mapping software. Always be ready to write again, just like Tarzan after he had a good meal.

    An off topic but one of my reader asked me how do i write those articles and the answer is map your idea! This is not for bl'oggers but for all so start mapping your idea.

    Tarzan loves to help animals and human and you should you. i'm not a guru or an expert but i try my best to help others. Some asked me to help their Adsense, some asked for a "i just broke with my boyfriend" and more. Yup, a reader actually asked me how to get rid of her girlfriend. No, i'm not going to help you in that area mind you. Helping others can actually improve your self-esteem and popularity. People will gladly give you a back link or a muffin cake or even a Play Station. Don't ask them for a return because they will give you back.

    After a hard day, Tarzan will cuddle with Jane and having some nice camp-fire, they seem to enjoy it really much. Yes, you can hug your love one after this but my main point is, reward yourself first. You need to reward yourself before rewarding others. If you're rewarding others first, you're breaking mother-nature's law. I'm not asking you to be selfish but to reward yourself first. After all the hard work, don't you think it's nice to get something just for yourself? Buy a new DVD player or get a new pair of jeans or just a plain simple ice cream might help.

    Just look at Tarzan after the camp-fire ends, he will sleeps better. Don't you think you should sleep better after having such a bad and happy day? Obtaining enough sleep can help you in your writing the next morning. Just let go all your problems before you go to bed. Just leave all the burdens outside your house before entering it. Talk is cheap, i know you'll say that but hey, we need to start somewhere right? After work,before coming to home, why not you just stay in the car for 5 minutes or so. While you're in the car, why not looking at the sky or watching the kids playing.

    I'm going to tell you a true story about my friend before he step out of his car. He will take out a large white paper and a nice big red maker. He then wrote the things bothering him at that moment. He wrote it with big fonts and re-read it again one more time. Then, he just burn the whole paper ( of course he kept his red maker ) before entering his home.

    What ever you're facing right now, you can get out of it in style. Get your idea on paper and re-read your goal every single morning. Vivid picture of wealth and health is just around the corner. I wish you well and hey Xmas is near, i'm waiting for my presents from you guys.
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