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    Thursday, December 01, 2005
    Clean your registry fast.
    Hello again readers. New year is around the corner and how fast when we are having fun. How's your health? Good, now how's your computer registry health? Not that great after installing and those stuff in your computer? Before the year ends, why not we clean our registry to speed things up.

    Today i'm going to help you clean the registry using a small tool. The best thing is, it's free to use. EasyCleaner, a nice tool from a Finnish author; Toni Helenius is free compared to pricey package such as Symantec's Norton SystemWorks. By cleaning the registry you can see a minor speedup from your computer and it will run more stable. I lost count on how many i have installed and uninstalled, copy and delete files or data and now is the best time to clean some garbage. So what is registry?

    The registry contains extended information, settings and various other values for the the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP Operating Systems. Within the registry you can control a great majority of the operating system as well as fix a lot of issues with Windows. However, we only recommend those who are experienced with computers or who feel confident to go into the registry.

    EasyCleaner is a user-friendly tool and you only have to read their simple manual to understand how to use it. Let's look at the main interface shall we.

    As you can see, EasyCleaner not only cleans your registry but also take care some other stuff for you. To use it, all you have to do is click the find button and it'll scan all the left-overs. With its great Undo function, you can always get your old setting just in case somethings went wrong. Give it a try and clean your registry. Lets start our new year with a fresh registry and add some more garbage LOL.

    Below is the most important tip that might help you save $200!
    Always monitor your registry. The reason is to spot viruses or any garbage entries before it landed into your registry. I've found that by using RegMon can help you a fortune. Play with it first to understand how RegMon works. This is for advance users but it doesn't hurt to try. By using RegMon, i'm able to spot viruses before my anti virus spotted them. Get this free tool and you can talk big about how you remove a virus with your bare hands to your techie-friends.

    If you use your computer pretty heavy, it's best to run EasyCleaner every 2 months to keep your computer healthy. By the way, you can always donate to me by using my StormPay account. Hope your coming holiday going to be great.

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