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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Can't get it out of my head!
    Have you ever had a tune in your head and you just can't stop humming or singing it? This morning, i heard Karma Chameleon on the radio and i can't get it out. You know, the song from Culture Club.
    Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon
    You come and go
    You come and go
    Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream
    Red, gold and green
    Red, gold and green

    I must say that i respect the creator of that song. Whoever thought this up is either a genius or just an annoying guy. This leads me to another thing in my mind, how powerful is a jingle? Guess what, so powerful it will fork out your money in no time.

    The jinglers ( is that the word for the writer of the jingle? ) surely can make something simple and annoying. Yes, annoying and the main reason is, to make sure you hate it! Still blurr with my point? This is how it goes, human tend to remember more about things we hated the most rather then good stuff. That is why most jingle use some irritating voice-over, you know the mickey mouse tone.

    Not just that, they use some deep-deep-voice as their voice-over and that dude sounds like a bad monster or something. This deep voice normally for a movie trailer. But at the end of the sentence, the deep voice changed to the Mickey Mouse voice! I don't know about you, but here in Malaysia, i saw a movie trailer using this style.

    "Beware of the dark. Hunted house next to your home. Evil ghost is looking for young blood" - using deep and scary voice.
    "Only at cinema 10th November 2005. Don't watch it if you can't stand it" - Mickey Mouse voice!

    Do you expect me to watch that kind of movie? Don't think so, the voice-over just ruin my mood. Now, if i just can remove this Karma Chamelon from my mind, i can wite something more high standard. Arghh....still clinging inside my head. Somebody got to pay for airing that song on the radio and i mean it.

    Oh well, if you can't fight em, join em. Karma come and come and go.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:15 PM  
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