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    Book i read.
    Friday, December 16, 2005
    Blood coming from my ears.
    For two full hour of Soulfly and Black Dahlia Murder, it's time to get something soothing.

    So i decided to slip in some smooth sound. Well, it got to do with Soulfly too. I'm listening to berimbau music. What is berimbau? It's a folk instrument from Brazil. Yes, Max cavalera from Soulfly just love playing it in all of his albums.

    The berimbau is composed of a bow-like body, however rather than shooting arrows the performer strikes the cord with a stick. This produces a deep resonance - the trademark 'Wah-Wah' sound - that is controlled by the movement of the cabaça against the musician's body. A coin or stone pressed against the string provide further control and a small caxixi shaker completes the instrument.
    The African slaves brought the Berimbau to Brazil where it is now closely associated with Capoeira.

    Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that intertwines music and dance in order to create a unique form of self-expression. Capoeira music is performed by the 'fighter / dancers' themselves who sing and play percussion instruments including: the pandeiro, agogo, atabaque or conga and at least one or two Berimbaus. via

    Then i listen to Australian aboriginal unstrument; that is Didgeridoo. I do listen alot to heavy metal/rock stuff but i just love percussion and traditional instruments.

    As with imagemaking, Aboriginal music also unites consciousness with the invisible laws and energy patterns of nature. Aboriginal art is perhaps most accurately described as a method for gaining knowledge of nature and its invisible Dreaming. An example is the playing of the didjeridoo, a long wooden flute, perhaps the oldest musical instrument on earth.

    Traditionally, an Aborigine would go into nature and listen intensely to animal sounds, not just voices but also the flapping of wings or the thump of feet on the ground. The Aborigine would also listen to the sounds of wind, thunder, trees creaking, and water running. The essences of all these sounds were played with as much accuracy as possible within the droning sound of the didjereedoo. For the Aborigine, the observation of nature immediately requires a state of empathy, which leads to am imitative expression.- via

    Like i said, Soulfly is a mixture of heavy metal and traditional tone. It's hard to describe to you, but you can buy Soulfly's latest album, then you can understand what it's all about. Here in Malaysia, the price of didgeridoo too high and i'm hoping if any of my Australian can send me didg as a gift for me.
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