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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    As i promised you.
    After my mini interview with Reen, it's time for some shooping tips. Alright this is not about shopping but the owner of the blog sure knows how to shop around. It's time for Hakim, a blogger with some nice shopping tips and giving out some nice places around Kuala Lumpur.

    Q : Tell me about your blog. What's it all about?
    My blog is all about my self and sometimes i'll post the fashion tips or anything that related to my lifestyle. Maybe like hand phone and others gadget.

    Q : How long have you been blogging and why?
    I have been doing my blog since August 2004.At that time i just wanna share my story and i found blogspot,till now i'm happy with it.

    Q : How do you look at blog? Is it fun to blog?
    Yup fun, blog is like a medium to everyone to express their expression..really can release my tension, because of that i dont mind to update my blog even the clock is 3.a.m already..huhu

    Q : Does blogging changes your view about life, work etc?
    Erm maybe..hehe get more attention..get more friend..and quite famous lately..haha futhermore blog can improve my writing skill.

    Q : Who inspired you to blog and why?
    No one..just wanna share my life to in blog i can share it.

    Q : Will you see yourself in the next 5 years still blogging?
    Ermm maybe at that time my blog will be the no. 1 in malaysian top blog.. i hope i can share more and more things about me.

    Q : What kind of blog you love to read and why?
    Anything..about IT or about themself or about movie..i like the way they wrote.

    Q : If you have links to other blogs, why do you link to them?
    At least user can explore more just click on from my blog and can find more friends...

    Q : Any last words?
    I would like to thanks to Jamloceng coz willing to interview me..i'm really appreciate it..thanx.

    Yup, another short answer. Gosh, i need to lay down some guideline for them regarding answering my questions. Well, thank you to Hakim for your brief answers. Why not you guys give him a visit at his blog and tell him Jamloceng told you so. LOL i need some serious sleep. Next stop, the Gadgetman from Malaysia.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:28 PM  
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