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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
    Adsense will be the next ignored ads?
    Last night, i sat on my reading chair with a hand-rolled cigarette looking at Adsense ads. I look at Adsense ads with no "this-link-is-good" feeling. I even changed the Adsense colour and stuff but still, i don't feel like clicking on it. By the way, never click your own Adsense.

    I picked my note book and start writing about Adsense. I'm looking for an answer about this feeling i'm having about Adsense. After an hour or so, i knew what is wrong with Adsense. Adsense just getting more and more static! Yes, people know that Adsense is a bunch of ads waiting for them to click.

    I know Adsense allow me to blend their ads but still, no major kaching for the last few months. Yeah i know some of you might say i'm stupid not to blend my Adsense but hear me out.

    A little history lesson for you, Adsense made a huge different at the early stage of their launching. The reason was, people never ( almost never ) saw Adsense new way of advertising. Visitors will click Adsense ads based on curiosity and not on interest. Adsense publisher made big bucks at the early stage and still making it some more. From my point of view, only the early-birds of Adsense publishers still making money from Adsense. For new publisher, we're making about $2000-$3000 or less in a month.

    As time goes by, more and more publishers are using Adsense in their site. I don't have the exact figure how many Adsense publisher but i know it's big. Then came along the blog-boom and more Adsense publisher getting their hands on Adsense. Even Blogspot provide their users with no-editing way to insert Adsense into their blogs.

    Take a look at Chitika, it hit the internet like a hurricane. More publisher taking the dip into Chitika and made some huge money from it. Why? In my opinion, because Chitika is new and delivering ads with a new drive. Again, people will click on Chitika's ads not because they interested but because it's nice to click at.

    A wise man once said "Tell a lie everyday and people will believe". Don't get me wrong, i'm saying that Adsense is a liar. You can relate the saying with Adsense or let me make it simple for you "Feeding Adsense everyday and people will ignore it". A friend of mine, running a site with huge traffic daily, still can't reach the $5K mark.

    Ads blindness again and we just can't avoid it but Adsense can. Adsense can make a new format that's totally new to the eyes of the beholders ( was it the clickers? ). Adsense is getting static and small publisher like me still hanging on tight to it and i don't know for how long.

    Forget about Adsense and get a life! Yeah right, easy for you to say that. Come on, i'm from Malaysia remember. For my friends in US can jump from Adsense to Yahoo or MSN but what about us? Yahoo and MSN ads clearly stated that it's only for US residents.

    I might drop my Adsense and try using Chitika as the main ads but, with their new policy change, honeymoon is over.

    I'm trying not to write an unfair comments about Adsense but what else can small publisher can do? We can't change our Adsense ads ( according to their TOS ) and we're limited to changing the colours and format only! I'm going to leave colours alone but let us talk about the format shall we. The existing format need some makeover if we want to make some money from it. I know that Adsense just released their AdLink format that looks like a menu. Million of websites are using menu in their site too and it's not even an AdLink!

    As a small publisher, i think Adsense could make a new format that can attracks the curious clicks. No matter how great the words in the Adsense ads are but we need something within our Adsense ads. What is the something i'm talking about? I don't know but i need it fast.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:58 PM  
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