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    Friday, December 02, 2005
    Adsense board game follow up. email is full with comments regarding my previous post about Adsense board game. I'm amazed on how many of small Adsense publisher never tweak their Adsense.

    Hi Jamloceng,
    Boohaa...i never knew you can get more target using Adsense Section targeting. Before this, i just paste the code and pray the ads are showing. Thanks for you game.


    Simple game but you have given me some nice idea about Adsense. I'm changing my method now. Thanks dude

    Hello JL,
    I never knew about the DMCA thing. I'm going to remove my previous post.

    Muhammad Ubaidillah

    I've got 35 emails regarding this simple Adsense board game. I have no idea it's going to be like this. For me, Adsense board game is the most basic game on Adsense and i hope Adsense will not sue me for this. Thanks for your emails and supports. I'm working on the next version. Feel free to give me any idea on how to improve Adsense board game. See you later.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:55 PM  
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