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    Friday, December 30, 2005
    Adsense Beta code tested in secret.
    Adsense is testing new code but it's not for all publisher. Only beta tester with heavy traffic are allowed to use the code. Before i move on, please remember that editing Adsense code without permission is against Adsense TOS.

    google_kw_type = 'broad';
    google_kw = "Money";

    Designed to serve ads based on reader behavior. Findory is offering personalization on both content and advertising fronts. This code is based on pure keywords inserted directly into the Adsense code. This can handle the problem regarding unrelated ads from Adsense.

    The above codes can help you getting the right ads by inserting keywords thus improving related ads. As you can see google_kw is where you insert the keyword. In this case, the keyword is money and all related to money will show in the Adsense ads. This is a big help for those who run a forum or a directory site.

    As for the google_kw variables, these are still being beta tested, and may actually degrade your ad performance if used incorrectly. Once we are confident with their reliability, we will let you know when it is freely available. Please note that it is against our policies to modify the ad code without express permission.

    The Google AdSense Team

    Above is the email from Adsense team to me today about the code. Using Section Targeting only improve a small percentage of Adsense but by using keywords targeting is much better in my opinion. The reason i said that is, sometimes my Adsense are not related to my content because Adsense will read several things before showing the ads such as:

    1. My domain ( Blog related ads )
    2. Source code ( plentty of "blog" in my blog tags )

    I do use Section Targeting, still sometimes unrelated ads keep showing up. As for Adsense, they clearly stated that their bot will crawl every 2 week ( maximum ) or 24 hours the fastest time frame. Adsense team can't give the exact date when will the code made public but from rumors, sometime in the mid 2006 publishers can use the code.

    Again, do not add the code to your Adsense code. They can detect cheat really fast and they can cancel your Adsense account.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:43 PM  
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