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    Monday, November 14, 2005
    Yahoo buys Konfabulator
    For those who are running Konfabulator, they are making their life easier. Konfabulator can get varies info from the internet and you can read it from your own desktop. To be honest, this is not a new thing because for Win98 users that feature already been installed for them. It's called Active Destop. You can actually config your own Active Destop without downloading Konfabulator ( it's getting harder to type Konfabulator )

    To be fair, Konfabulator execute really well compared to Active Desktop in terms of features. Because of the big hype around Konfabulator, Yahoo decided to buy Pixoria. This small start-up in Palo Alto has been bought by Yahoo is giving away free download and come bundled with widgets that allow users to directly access Yahoo services such as weather, finance and Web search.

    Yahoo has acquired Pixoria, maker of a scripting application called Konfabulator that allows people to run mini desktop applications called widgets. These tiny apps can perform simple tasks or put content from the web on their desktops. (Think alarm clocks, calculators, RSS feeds from favorite sites.). Apple has helped mainstream the concept of widgets with its new operating system Tiger. But Pixoria was doing widgets first, and Konfabulator runs on both Macs and Windows.

    To know more about Konfabulator, better read their history in their own words here. If you are running a slow computer, better not use it. Why? Download it and i'll know why. Fully supported for Windows and Mac, this has been a smart apps nowdays. To get it, simply click this link.

    So what is this Active Desktop from Win98? Let say it was the grand-daddy for Konfabulator. To see an example what Active Desktop can do, click their link here. This is old news but for those who still want to know about Active Desktop, you can try it on your Win98. I have no idea if XP still support Active Desktop because i'm using Win98 ( hahaha...stop laughing will ya ). I've found a link about Active Desktop for XP so play around with it before getting your hands on Konfabulator.
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