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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Unwanted Adsense PSA.
    I sure most of you already read the tips and trick to generate income from Adsense. If you still didn't read it, please read here. I know what you will say "Another Adsense article eh?" but hear me out, this is a simple tip for you. Less in 2 minutes, you get paid even Adsense don't want to pay.

    The reason i wrote this tip because a reader of mine asked me why did he saw "Donate to cancer research" ads.
    Hi Jamloceng,
    After applying your tips, i saw some ads about cancer,wildlife etc. That is not related with my content at all.
    Scott Benjamin

    Well Scott, this is my answer for your question. Public Service Ads or PSA in short are ads you're not getting paid for. In other word, free ads for good reasons. If you don't mind displaying those ads, you can always allow it. But if you want something related to your content, consider adding a filter from your Adsense account. Just put the URL of the PSA ads into the filter and next time Adsense will block.

    I know you'll be asking "How do i get the URL without clicking the ads?". Google is kind enough to provide us the solution with their Adsense Preview. Install it and you can see or config some function for preview purpose. It's easy to understand and install their tool. Did you that you can use different ads to replace Adsense PSA? By using this, you can make money from PSA without violating Adsense TOS.

    A nice PSA replacement is from AlternateURL. You can config different size to suit your Adsense blocks. Plentty of setting for you to play with like colours, text and more. All you have to do is pick the size and copy the given code so you can paste it in you Adsense code. Below is where you paste the code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    google_ad_client = "pub-your_Adsense_ID";
    google_alternate_ad_url = "Paste your code here"

    You can add it from within your Adsense account or just simply paste it directly into your source code. Make sure you have selected the right size. The best thing about this service is, you can search for the highest bid and set it as your keywords. Now you can enjoy getting paid from the upaid ads. I do hope this tip can help you get rid of those PSA and please remember, content is king.

    Another email asking what is the best alternative to Adsense. This email comes from Suzilla and i'll try to answer it in a short paragraph. The reason she asked is because she still waiting for an approval from Adsense.

    ...still waiting for Adsense to approve my application. Any idea for an alternative to Adsense?

    Here an alternative to Adsense it's called Bidvertiser. But if you're looking for some serious alternative to Adsense, try Chitika. Do try both to get some extra income from your blog.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:00 PM  
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