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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Tips on how to be the most popular guy in the world
    What a long title that was. Well, a friend gave his tips on how to be the most popular guy in the world.

    1. Hack Google.
    Yup, you will on their frontpage. Then zillions of free back-links pointing to your blog in just minutes. Make sure you leave your photo and full home address in the hacked page. That will increase your rank.

    2. Buy Microsoft.
    Another guarantee way to get to be the most popular guy in the world. To make things more catchy, sell Microsoft the next morning. Prepare to face the media waiting at your front door.

    3. Make a virus.
    This will place you in the techies section but still, you can get popular with it. Make a virus that will display a message "Hello world!".

    4. Run naked.
    Naked during a live Grammy Award coverage and run from one side to other. After a hard time with the police, you should kick in the no.3 spot in 24 hours.

    5. Get big.
    Get a huge breast tranplant and lie about it. This is a slow method but you'll your own star of idot at a corner of a beauty shop.

    6. Lie about Linux.
    Say that you are the real Linux author but you still working with Microsoft.

    7. Elvis is still alive!.
    ...and he's living next door to you in Vegas.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:31 AM  
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