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    Thursday, November 10, 2005
    Spam from me?
    Wohaa...somebody just emailed me about my spam to his inbox. I only send emails to those who subscribe to my mailing list. Spam is a big NO-NO for me. I've been online since 1994 and i know how bad spam can cause big issues. For those who know me, i'm not the kind of person who will spam. I hate spams and i'll never spam others.

    Please don't email me again. I'm not going to buy anything from you. I never subcribe to your newsletter regarding your web traffic service. If you spam me again, i'll place your email address to our local spam monitoring service and they will place you in their black list.

    Boy that was weird. I never sell a web traffic service or provide that kind of service. Looks like someone is using my email address to fake their real email. I know this can be done using some black-hat tool or just by using a zombie computer scattered around the world. By using a proxy server, the spammer can easily fake their email address and sent out several millions of emails in just under 1 hour. Spamming is not included in my ISP policy and that is impossible for me to spam others. My ISP will ban me if i spam and i'll be in trouble. If you want me to receive email from me, please subcribe to my mailling-list.

    I don't know why the spammer use my email address. Maybe because my bl.og keep on growing attracting more readers. Maybe because jamloceng keep poping up in the search engines or maybe they just simply use a email harvesting tool and found my email address. Am i 'that' popular? Maybe and maybe not. I'm not a big shot on the internet, i'm just jamloceng. If you received a fake email coming from me, please don't click on it. It might contain a virus or some garbage info asking you to buy cheap viagra.

    Talk about my mailling-list, thanks for those who subcribe. Almost hit 100 subscribers as i write this post. If you still thinking about subscribing to my mailling-list, you're missing out some nice tips about how to generate those extra income, computer tips and much more. If you received a fake email, please look at the header's IP. If it's not from Malaysia, you just been spammed.

    Get the latest promotion price to protect you from spam. Holiday season is near and why not you shop around for your security needs.

    If you're looking for something else, just browse and i'm sure there's something for you.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:28 PM  
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