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    Thursday, November 10, 2005
    Selling from the internet
    I know most of Malaysian produce some great product but just don't know how to sell it using internet. The most popular portal is ClickBank but forget about it ( they ban Malaysian ). Any alternative to ClickBank? The anwser is yes. You can sell your products and still you can pay a little commision to your agents. is a great portal for you to sell your product. If you have an eBook to sell, this is the alternative for ClickBank. Their terms is easy to understand and you can control the price of your products. You can put as low as you want but still make some profit. The best thing about is, they accept PayPal and StormPay as their merchant provider. The good news for you is, both merchant supports our country. If you own a site or bl.og, you can be their affiliate and still make money. No need to wait for a month to receive your paymeny and they are fast. The downside of is, their site kind of slow to load but it's worth waiting.
    Another portal that accept Paypal as their merchant provider. Simple interface and with so many category, this is the place if you want to sell your product online. Doing online bussiness is easy with Just put your product in the proper category and off you go. No need to worry about payment because they also provide a fast payment. Building your home bussiness is more fun with their service.

    Bottom line
    Both portal are considered as the best alternative to ClickBank. Just think, about 6 millions Malaysian using the internet and just think about how easy you can sell your product. I don't know about the world internet users but i'm pretty sure it's huge. Just setup a site and your online bussiness will never goes to sleep all year around. Earlier i talked about PayPal and StormPay. Both merchant provider is important if you're looking for a serious way to collect your payment. If you still haven't register with PayPal and StormPay, it's time to do so.

    If you are looking for a webhosting, i do hope you can try Starting at RM4 per month, this is the cheapest host around. Yup, this is a Malaysian company so you don't have to worry about getting fast help.

    I shopped around to see if I could find a better deal, only to find that Myasiahost is the best 'spot' in town – by a long shot. Thanks!

    Low Yen Heng

    No wonder they are the No.1 webhosting in Asia. Don't forget your Adsense after setting your site. This also can generate great income for you. Get the best tip for Adsense here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:37 PM  
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