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    Monday, November 21, 2005
    Search engine marketing
    Search engine marketing is the biggest profit pulling method for any internet marketer. By using this method you can save money a time. As you all know, search engines arethe front-desk when it comes to internet. By using search engine marketing, you can get your site or product viewed by millions of "soon-to-be" clients.

    How can you get started with search engine marketing? Easy, just use Google. Why Google? Because Google is the most popular search engine around and by using it you can pull the traffic in just weeks. Some search engine use Google search result too and you get listed in other search engine in auto-mode. First you need is to submit your site to search engines such as Google, Dmoz, MSN and other major search engines.

    A great info about search engine marketing is by Mike Moran. In his book, you can get many tips and tricks you can use for your search engine marketing. Take a look what some readers have to say about this book.

    "A very comprehensive, yet light-hearted guide for internet managers that demystifies search engine marketing and provides practical advice for success." -Piers Dickinson, Global Internet Marketing Manager, BP

    "Getting your site indexed is the most fundamental, yet one of the most challenging, aspects to search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site is a detailed and comprehensive guide through the pitfalls and opportunities of this complicated subject. I started reading Chapter 10, "Get Your Site Indexed," and haven't really put it down since. It is a wonderfully well-written and detailed reference that you will come back to again and again to get more out of your SEO efforts. From price engines to paid placement, Chapter 14, "Optimize Your Paid Search Program," covers everything you need to know about paid search. I have yet to come across a more useful book for SEM pros. From budgeting to bid strategy and optimization, Mike and Bill take you through the steps to create successful paid search campaigns. Whether you are just starting out in paid search or are already a power player, you will learn something new from this book." -David Cook, Search Marketing Manager,

    I've give out some tips on my previous article about this. The tips on my articles are the most basic methos but if you need some solid help, you can use WEBCeo. This great tool can help you in your search engine marketing plan and cut your time to half. With a fast help from their team, you can ask about anything and they will help you in minutes. No more time wasting to get start with your search engine marketing plan.

    Search engine marketing also can get your Adsense back on track. Why not use both for your site or blog? Not just you can sell your own product but you can get some extra income from Adsense too. Yes, some already made million from their Adsense plan. Read my previous article about a guy that made million from Adsense.

    Now let us recap this topic shall we.

    1. Download WEBCeo for search engine marketing.
    2. Read Mike Moron's book about search engine marketing.
    3. Get an extra income from Adsense.
    4. Create a blog in minute with "Blog-In-A-Box".
    5. Get new ideas for your marketing strategy.

    Combine all above and you can start making income from your search engine marketing method. Remember, do not share this tip if you don't want your boss to know. This is the secret weapon for those who wanted to be a full-time internet marketer. I do hope you can success and you have all of my support. Get moving will ya.
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