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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    Question & Answer (template)
    Hi Jamloceng,
    Looking at your blog, i want to know how do you make your template? Do you use any special software? Can you tell me how to edit the HTML in my template. - BlueGurrll.

    To answer that question i only use UltraEdit as my HTML and CSS editor. My HTML and CSS not that strong but for the intermediate level, i can manage doing it by hands. I know some of you don't know HTML and CSS, so using a text editor is not the first choice. But if you want to learn ( the hard way ) how to code in HTML and CSS, any text editor might help you. You can also use Notepad if you like but i prefer UltraEdit (shareware) because of its function in identifying varies languages. If you want a freeware text editor you might want to get NotePad2. Small and fast to understand tool for your Notepad replacement.

    If you think using a text editor is much hassle, don't worry you can always get another great freeware with GUI. With icons and menu, maybe this is for you. NVU can help you in understanding HTML, javascript, CSS and more. Maybe this can help you in getting started editing your own template. Try NVU first before trying those hard to understand web editor. Once you've mastered NVU, you might want to try Dreamweaver for more advance function. As for a blog, NVU can handle it nicely.

    But if editing by hands or software still too much for you, why not use templates? Just search for "free+blogger" in Google and you'll find many free stuff to choose from. Before you edit your template, make sure you understand your template syntax. A good place to start is here. Make a back-up of your sorce code before editing your CSS and HTML code.

    For a great professional looking, you can get it with "Blog-In-A-Box". This software can cut your time into half and providing your with so many template. With 300++ design to choose, you can set up your blog in minutes only. More time to blog and less on technical matter. Below is the sample of a nice looking template.

    I do hope this answered your question regarding editing HTML and CSS in your template. I know this is too general answer but i hope this can give you some basic idea on editing HTML.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:45 PM  
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