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    Book i read.
    Monday, November 28, 2005
    My favourite books.
    Do you have a book that you really like and keep re-reading it for all these years? I have one and i'm sure all of you need to read this book. Dale Carnegie is my favourite author for English book. His books are so great i can't stop reading it. I'll found new things everytime i read the book and i'm addicted to his books. So what are the books? Below are the books i really love to read.

    The books above is a must for everyone. It's like a handbook with plentty of ways to improve yourself. I bought the books about 3 years ago and still i enjoy reading it. Yes, i do love to read books and i found that Dale's style of writing is simple to understand. Go to your nearest bookstore and get his books because Jamloceng say so. Before you start your car, i would like to share you my own experience about bookstore. Not about the bookstore but the owner of the bookstore.

    There i was in a famous bookstore looking for book. I'll to buy at least one book monthly. I can't find the book i'm looking for so i asked the workers. The also can't find the book so they asked the boss. In his mid thirty, he came to me and politely asked me how can he help. So i told him i'm looking for a special book. He rushed to his computer and pocking his keyboard with letters i can't see clearly. After several times, he told me the book i'm looking for is not in their list. So i asked him if he could phone the headquaters if they have the book with them. He called and again told me that the book is not in their list.

    So i talked to the officer on the phone and ask him why was the book not in their list. That guy told me that the book is not a popular or a best selling book. What, i almost shouted at him. Don't tell me you haven't heard about Sir Winston Churchill biography. Sir Churchill's name is written in every single history book in the world and he told me that he never heard of Sir Winston Churchill? Gosh, what is the point working at a bookstore if you don't like to read. He told me that he doesn't have time to read! Oh boy, coming from a guy who run one of the largest bookstore don't have time to read was not a pretty side. Then i asked the guy on the phone how many book he read in a month and guess what, none. The last time he read a book was back in 2003. Gulp, so long ago?

    If you need to buy a book, make sure you're heading to the right bookstore. Maybe Malaysian are lazy when it comes to reading. Read anything you can find on your dentist's desk or go to Amazon to find the latest books in the market.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:22 PM  
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