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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    Linux in your Palm
    Linux will gain its way into the Palm device soon. I'm looking forward for the next step in Palm using Linux as their OS. Easy and cheap ( maybe not free ) OS means cheaper Palm device for us. This indicates a lower price in Palm devices in the future and more control for users.

    LIPS Forum, launched itself into the mobile OS market, as an alternative to the likes of Mirosoft of Symbian (see 'Lips' Forum For Linux Lovers). One founding member of Lips, PalmSource, is particular well-known to the readers of this Website and no stranger to Linux.

    PalmSource was once the software arm of Palm, Inc., the company that kickstarted the handheld market we know today. Spun off on its own a couple of years ago, it has struggled. A couple of months ago, Japanese firm ACCESS - known chiefly for its mobile Netfront browser - acquired the platform developer.

    A new step for Linux in providing alternative to existing OS's in the market. Palm device users might face a new function and more durability in terms of usage. As we all know Linux can be inserted into the smallest device such as wrist watch without any problem. This was done by minimizing the code path thus making it small in size.

    For desktop users, maybe it's time to jump to Linux for your alternative. I'm not saying Linux is 100% safe but with a fast fix, you can get the most out of it. Any Linux developer in Malaysia? I'm thinking of making a Linux apple pealer ( jk ).
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:11 PM  
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