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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005
    I2Hub shutdown
    A new internet protocol funded by public and private paties is now officially shutdown. Internet2Hub is a new research for universities around the globe with fast connection. I2Hub was given a law sue from the entertainment industry. Students were using it as a file-swapping way to get DVD movie under a minute. P2P was the main reason I2Hub shutdown by the entertainment industry.

    I2Hub founder Wayne Chang declined to comment on the network's closure, citing potential legal concerns. Visitors to the service's Web site on Monday found a nearly blank page with the terse message: "R.I.P. 11.14.2005"

    On April 12, 2005, the RIAA announced its first actions against individual users of the i2hub network. In its statement, the RIAA filed 405 “John Doe” lawsuits against university students across the United States. Several hundred more students would be targeted throughout the year, clearly indicating the high paced activity of this network.

    I2Hub can be the next internet for internet users. With a fast connection, we can work at a faster phase. I'm talking about SOHO owners. We can expend our bussiness more faster by using this new technology. If the end users are using much faster connection, just imagine the benefit will the servers owners get. For me this is a win-win situation if I2Hub made public.

    For me, we can't blame P2P all the way down. It's up to the users to pick the legal or illegal path while using their internet connection. I see this situation in different way. Will we ban the doctors because they know what kind of dangerous medicine? No, we don't ban the doctors. Yes doctors know how to mix medicine and turn it to dangerous drugs but they don't use that knowledge for illegal things. Now back to P2P issue, why must the entertainment parties shutdown the technology? Technology will stands on its own but how we can educate the users IS the main issue. To me, the law has its own loophole and that is something we must look at with a serious attention. Will they ban a porn site? I doubt it because porn also generates income but P2P doesn't. Is it because of money? Will they ban the usage of hard disk from all computers in this world because P2P users stored their illegal copies in it? Again, i doubt it.

    Where is the line? Or is it the line is too fine to find? As i said before, technology is technology and its up to the user to pick the path. Maybe the public should tell the RIAA how we feel. Before this the RIAA is the only one who loves to sue users and i think it's about time to change the law. Give the public more education and educate us with the laws. Laws, what can we do about the law? Does the law on their side our it'll will benefits both of us? I'm not saying that i support any illegal action via internet but i support the technology that might benefit the world. Up to you to think about this. For me, the thin fine line should be so thin.

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