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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    Hide your email easy way
    Several method to hide your email address from spambot. You can use a script where those who want to email to you must fill a form instead of a direct email. Then the script will send the email to you thus keeping your email free from spam. Another old school method by using images. You make an image with your email address on it. This is great for those who can afford to get a script.

    Another method is by using a relay email address. One will send to the email address shown on your site and it will send the email to your original email address. To use this method requires a database server and normally you must buy this service. Another lame method is by using your secondary email address. Any spam email will flood you secondary email but not your main email inbox.

    Another easy way to use is by using a special characters for HTML. Most spambot indentified the "@" sign but not &#64. That is the special char for @.


    What is that? That is my email address using special chars. Spambot can't read it from your source code and spam-free for you. To see the full list of the chars, click here. I do hope you can play around with the special chars or write some script that can encode your email or your whole site source code. Don't over-do this, the search engine will not index your site if they found "crappy" chars in the source code.
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