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    Monday, November 28, 2005
    Hands up and get naked.
    After their effort to combat bribery, now they are facing a new challange. Yup, they will stripped you and ask you to do the ear-squat. Maybe this their new way of getting some info from the prisoner. I'm battling with my own mind about this matter. After listening to their explanation, i can't stop wondering about it.

    Datuk Seri Musa Hassan, our Deputy of Royal National Police said in his interview with the press, no camera in the lock-up. I wonder how can a camera ( mobile phone camera in this case ) been brought into the lock-up? Was it because nobody actually follow the rule while in the lock-up? Or was it because somebody thought it was fun to capture a naked women in the lock-up? Another question rambling in my mind that is, are the prisoners safe while in the lock-up?

    Before this i've heard about abusive act in the lock-up but now i believe it. Datuk Seri Musa Hassan told the media that it is normal for a women police officer to question women prisoners but is it normal to strip the prisoner? I have no idea about this. Maybe the police department should rule out some black and white rules. Now, was the prisoner protected under the human rights? Again, i have no answer for that question. Tell me what do you think about the picture below. Rings any bell?

    Maybe you'll say that the picture was taken in some prison in Iraq but no, that was taken in our local prison. Shame on them. Our government condemned how the US troops treated prisoners in Iraq but look who's talking now. In Harakah, a newspaper owned by PAS stated that the ISA prisoners also been stripped while in the prison. Don't ask me, ask the prisoners what actually happened in there.

    I know not all of the polce officers are the bad cop. Many of them are doing their jobs with respect and we thank them for it. The police need some "overhaul" in their own law. If this kind of thing happens again, don't blame the public for not trusting them. We need someone to protect us not to strip us. I'm sure they will do everything in their power to obtain our trust and giving the public a sense of safety. I do hope they can improve their service soon. What's next?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:48 PM  
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