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    Monday, November 14, 2005
    Get quick listed
    Most web traffic are coming from search engines and why not use them to promote your bl'og. In this method, i'm talking about using Google as your main tool. This is not a 100% "bull-eyes" method.

    Use bl'og
    Bl'og is the biggest thing in the internet. If you don't have a bl'og, it's best for you to start one. You can always use Bl' Why must bl'ogspot? Because it's a part of Google service. Chances you'll get a fast index by Google are big. Once you created your bl'og, try searching Google Bl'og Search to see if your bl'og already indexed by Google.

    Use Froggle
    If you have a product of your own, why not use Froggle to promote it. Using a direct link, you can get indexed by Google fast. At the same time, you can sell you product. This is another free service by Google and you better use it. Easy to setup and chances are big to get a fast index.

    Google also host a search engine for searching images from the internet. I've discovered by using this method, you can increase your chancesto get on the search list fast. This is how i did it. Create an image with your main keyword as the file's name. I've created an image called jamloceng ( jamloceng is my main keyword ) and upload it to my bl'og. In 2 days, that image already on Google Image. Google Image will then point the origin of the image and bammm and fast link.

    Map it out
    Using Google Maps can increase your chances for a fast index. This method is reccommended by Google for a fast index. Just fill-in the form for your map and upload it. Google will then crawl your site so that is can index your profile.

    Submit your site
    Submit to Google if you want it to know your site or bl'og exist. This can cut your time into half. Yes Google will found your URL one day but why not telling them early? Submit now.

    I do hope you can try the above methods if you're serious about getting traffic from Google. Again, this is not a guarantee but it doesn't hurt to try right. Give me a feedback regarding the above methods. If you're an Adsense publisher, getting a massive traffic can improve your income. To get the the most out of Adsense, you need some help. Tired you getting only 10 cents per month? Get some help.

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