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    Monday, November 14, 2005
    Feel's like Windows?
    A new Open OS was created with the feel and look similar to Windows. ReactOS is the name and it's free to download. Not just a free OS but an Open OS. You can get their source code and edit it like it was yours. Looking at it, seems like working with Windows. They said, it will work with your existing hardware. I don't know about that because i never try it before. This is what they have to say about ReactOS:

    First of all, ReactOS is not a clone of Windows. ReactOS is an operating system that is compatible with Microsoft Windows applications and drivers. Some of the reasons are the same as the reasons for developing Linux (an open-source UNIX clone)? In short, Linux is a great operating system, but it is not the answer for everybody. There are a lot of people that like Microsoft Windows, but are very frustrated with Microsoft's policies on various issues.

    The 9x family of Microsoft Windows is based on DOS, and shares many of its weaknesses, which is the primary reason why Microsoft Windows has such a bad name. The Microsoft Windows NT family of Windows, however, has a solid design. Not everything is perfect, but without access to the source code, there is no way to fix it, so a compatible operating system must be built from the ground up.

    Before you click their download button, it's wise to read what it is all about below:

    Please bear in mind that ReactOS is still in pre-alpha stage and is not recommended for everyday use.

    Yup, still in pre-alpha stage. Unless you're willing to fry your mobo into pieces, go ahead download it. My greatest respect to the developers of ReactOS. They actually building this OS from ground zero with the feel and look of Windows. Ermm....why must they make a smilar GUI to Windows? Why can't they make their own GUI? But still, they know what they are doing and i'm hoping to see their first official release so i can try it. To take a tour, please click this link.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:13 PM  
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