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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Fast cars
    I'm a fan of F1 race and i support Sauber-Petronas F1 team. With their new name BMW-Sauber F1, i do hope to see more podium from the team. This seasson Ferrari seems getting less podium compared to Renault team. Maybe Ferrari not getting the right engine and that made them less scarry.

    As we all know BMW just bought Sauber-Petronas and will start with a fresh engine. This team getting better and better every seasson and with a hands full of funds, the can produce a better car for 2006 lineups.

    As BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen explains: "The new team name more or less chose itself. It reflects the makeup of the team – run by BMW but with a core of almost 300 Sauber employees. Plus, the 2006 car was developed by Sauber’s proven engineers."

    Sauber’s Technical Director, the German Willy Rampf, will continue in his post at the Hinwil location. Heinz Paschen, meanwhile, remains Technical Director in Munich, where not just the engine but now the entire powertrain will be built. Walter Riedl will be responsible for coordination between the two locations in his capacity as Project Manager.
    via Official site.

    A bright future for this team and with their own wind-tunnel, they can test the cars without any problem. Armed with 300 employee, they can challenge Ferrari and Renault team. Now to the bad news, Petronas decided to stop sponsoring Sauber and that will somehow erase "Malaysia" from the track. We only host the F1 in Sepang but i do miss looking at the Malaysian flag on the cars.

    Still in romours state tho. Some said Petronas will still sponsoring Sauber but not as the main sponsor but in supplying the fuel and some technical aspects. Some said Petronas will head to a new team with new drivers. After 10 years in sponsoring Sauber, maybe they decided it's time to focus on something else. Our right to become the host almost at the end since FIA are not happy with the audience attendance.

    Motorsports in Malaysia need some boost and that is no short term plan. Maybe after 10 years, we still need an extra boost. Show your support and make our motherland proud. I can't enter FIA site, maybe they are updating some sort. Read here for more about F1.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:43 PM  
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