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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    Encrypted Bots.
    Bots authors will include encryption to hide from anti virus or any network sniffer. Bot authors are getting clever each day and that means more sleepless nights for security team. Before this, bots ( trojan ) used raw data for giving any TCP/IP commands but with an ecrypted source, this will make it harder to detect using any default sniffer setting. By controlling millions of computer, bots owner can release spams, virus and phishing scams.

    Security company facing some hard knocks on their heads if an encrypted bots are created. It's even harder to track down the author and its source. Three Dutch trojan authors were arrested and put under Dutch cybercriminal laws. They hacked 100,000 computers from around the world, now what if they use they encrypted version of the trojan? They use a trojan horse called W32.Toxbot to control those computers.

    The bot writers have a choice of a variety of encryption technologies, according to Meyers. They could use SSH, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), ROT-13 or a proprietary method, Meyers said. Such a bot would be harder to craft than today's bots, but worthwhile, he said.

    "The longer they keep their bot in place, the better it is for them, the more money they are going to make," Meyers said.

    So how does a virus got its name? I've found a link that might help you in understanding how viruses got its name.
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