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    Thursday, November 17, 2005
    Down the memory lane?
    To laugh or not to laugh; that is the question. The reason a put up thi post because i was triggered by Franks Sinatra evergreen song. So i said to my self "if i can turn back the time, what can i find from the internet" and guess what ;such a funny stories,web design and such. Thank God we have web archive to play with.

    Do you ever wonder how Google looks like back in 1998? Yup, not a "cool" design but hey, that was in the 90's. What about Bl' Yup, the good old days of bl'ogging. Another grand-daddy in the internet is and wow..i had a good laugh looking at their "hypies-flower-power" design. That reminds me of my several first site back in 96, simple yet annoying design. Blah...not knowing HTML was the anwser. is a world-known techies portal and again i can't stop crying from laughing. Looking at their sponsor banner, it just like yesterday i had the most "powerful" hard drive ever. 'Quantum Fireball 3.28 gig for $349.00" darn, that was the most expensive drive i ever bought. Now, with 40 gig drive you can buy it under $130. See how fast technologies moving towards our imagination? Yup, faster and getting cheaper. Who can forget when we talk about the old-timers. I'll leave it to you to check out their site.

    But wait, what about those irc and IM site? Don't worry, i've put some effort to search for your fav old-time softwares. For, nothing changed much but still amazed me on how fast the technology is moving. MSN Messenger is another IM tool i just forked out. is one of the most famous site and take a look at their design. I can't do this anymore, i can't stop laughing and smilling. Why not search your old-time-fav site by using this WebArchive. Have fun looking at your own old site that you just hate.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:43 PM  
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