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    Friday, November 11, 2005
    Don't smash it, fix it.
    So your computer getting slower and you're thinking about getting those "high-end" new computer right? Before you fork out your money, please read this first. You can get back the speed from your old computer. Ready to get back the speed? Read on cowboy.

    Who starts first?
    For Windows users, some nasty software put their software on the startup. The reason is because they thought, that can speed up the loading time for their software to load. That's fine for one or two software but if several software fighting to start first, that means trouble. Clean up your startup to reduce to memory load. By freeing some RAM, you can speed up your old computer or laptop. A great tool to use is from Mike Linn. His tool (StartUpCPL) is so easy to use even for a five years old. StartUpCPL is a freeware that does the job fine.

    Peeping eyes
    Spyware and Adware is one of the main reason your computer slows downs. Keep them away by using anti-spyware removal tool. For most of Windows users, SpyBot Search&Destroy is the best freeware around. Download it and update their database before scanning for spywares. It's fast and easy to use. With their regular update, a weekly update is vital. Another cool tool to remove spyware and such is Ad-Aware Personal Edition. For their Pro version, as usuall, you must buy it. But still, Ad-Aware is the grand-daddy to remove spyware.

    Give me some space (speed)
    If you're still using a 5,400 RPM hard drive, maybe you would like to swap it with a faster drive. Consider using a 7,200 RPM hard drive. To get the maximum hard drive speed, get a SATA hard drive. An old version of hard drive is ATA. The faster it spins, the faster you work or play.

    Tweakle little star
    You can tweak your existing OS setting to obtain the hidden setting. By tweaking the hidden setting, you can release some speed without buying those highly priced hardware. A tool that can help you getting the best tweak setting is SpeedUpMyPC.

    Spring cleaning
    Remove those duplicate files sitting in your drive doing nothing. By freeing some space, you can get a small speed. Well, that is better then nothing right? CloneMaster can "spot the not's" for you.

    Last choice
    Get some nice memory for your computer. More memory equals to more speed. To get the best price, BizRate is the place for you. Upgrading your processor can help you alot in gaining the speed.
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