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    Friday, November 11, 2005
    Corruption in our police force
    i'm reading Harian Metro ( 11 Nov 2005 ) about corruption in our police force. During the Aidilfitri holiday last week, many people were facing dilemma. They said police officer asked them for "duit kopi" ( bribe ) during roadblocks. If they ( the civilian ) doesn't pay, the police officer(s) will give them a tickets with several items on it.

    In the paper, a columnist by the name Si Kalam stated that the police force is serious about this issue. The police force also said that only 5% from 90,000 police officers are involved in receiving bribes. The questions keep playing in my mind are; "Do the police force already taken action against the 5% officers?", "Was that the latest statistic?", "What are the rank involved?" and "What kind of action they take to stop bribery?". After several minutes looking at the report, another question popups; "Maybe a low salary was the reason why they took the bribe".

    Bribery in our police force is not new but if you compare to the Indonesian police force, our stats are better. Still, bribe is bribe. Civilians gave bribe because they don't want to face bigger problem such as going to court and paying for the tickets. To make things worst, the civilian don't want to pay for something they didn't do. Couple of years back, a high ranked police officer once said in tv, asking the public to report any wrong-doers to the police. What, your own men asking for bribe and you expect us to report it to the police station? Just think about it, how do you prove the policeman guilty asking for bribes? If i'm a policeman, of course i'll ask for bribe when nobody is looking. So, how do you report that? Let say that the police accept your report and off you go to the court and for sure the judge will ask for a proof. How do we give the proof? "Judge, at that time i was alone with him"....yeahh..sure.

    After the Anwar Ibrahim ( our former Vice Prime Minister ) issue, police force facing a huge 180 degree turn in terms of public truss. Most of the public does not believe in the police force anymore. How does the police force change their "face" in short and long term? Don't blame the public if they throwing flames at the police force.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:11 PM  
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