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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Computer myth
    An interesting subject brought up by my friend. To be honest, i have no idea if what i'm about to write is real. This might scare some of you so please back up your data ~ just joking. What with that serious face? Smile will ya. Now back to the myth, this might not be true but it might, who knows.

    A myth ( is it an urban legend ) about the big boys made a promise to each other in order to make income. The suspects are Microsoft, computer maker and software maker. What kind of promise? Here's the situation, in order to make sure a fair cut of share the big boys decided to force users to buy faster computer. want to know how? Read below for me urban legend.

    First the Operating System maker will use a 16Bit code meaning using a slow computer meaning less complex apps. From that sentence, you can see the link between the big boys right. Then the OS getting smarter with their 32Bit code and requires more powerful computer to run more complex apps (such as 3D games or video editing). Now the OS maker already shipping their 64Bit OS and guess what, more power to run it.

    The OS only focus on making the OS and helping the software maker to understand their OS better. The real problem is with the computer maker. They need to make a sacred promise with hardware maker ( memory, processor, hard drive etc ) and give them their cut. Ever wonder why computer are expensive? This might be the link for the untold urban legend. Is it true we need a powerfull computer to run a 3D computer game such as Counter Strike and such? Again, this is just an urban legend and i don't believe it ( yet ).

    Maybe you should understand about the technical side of computer, software or Operating System more. But, what if it's true? Then, this might be the biggest rip-off since the JFK stories. Can we get our money back then? I doubt it so don't start shooting blank bullets yet. What a scary myth dont you think so? Again, don't use this article for your school homework. This urban legend haven't got a solid proof.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:41 PM  
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