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    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    Busy helping readers with money.
    After my post about making money from auto surf, i've received several email asking me about this method. Yes you can make money from surfing the internet and it's easy.

    All you need is a computer and internet connection and you're done. Surf for only 1 hour or less and you'll get pay for it. This method suits best for those who don't have a website yet. But if you have a site, maybe you can get the Adsense method. Ok, back to the autosurf programme.

    Before i move on to the details, i do hope you can try my tips that i have given out for several months now. If you're from Malaysia, this is another method to generate income from the internet without paying a dime. Not everyone heard about autosurf yet ( new to Malaysian ) so why not start now. It doesn't hurt a bit to try because it's free and you'll get $100++ daily.

    Some autosurf have a limited time offer so to gain more income, start registering now. Do you want to a secret? Holiday season is near and now is the best time to start your autosurf programme. Why? Because autosurf companies will give out free gift, coupons and more. Not only you get paid but you might stand a chance to win something.

    As you all know not all autosurf companies are honest. Most of them are scam and i've tried several autosurf service before. For your information, 80% of the autosurf companies are scam and making a living on YOUR money. Choose wisely before you invest in any autosurf programme. Surf around for infos about the company you want to sign-up. Once the scam companies gone, so does your money and forget about sending them emails asking for refunds.

    Now that i've covered the basic stuff, it's time to look for the honest autosurf programme shall we. Always look for a company that is in bussiness over 5 years. That is a big indication the company is an honest party and you can invest your money in it. Check if they have any bad records from the internet or ask someone who can help you. Also, look if they are verified with the third party verification company such as NetBIA, eTrust etc.

    First read their agreement before you sign-up. What is it for you, payment method, special offer and much more stuff you might want to check. Don't just simply sign-up for a bogus offers because a friend told you so. Please print their agreement for your safe keeping. Email to the company if you have any question regarding their service.

    Below are the most respected autosurf companies and i joined them too.

    Highly ranked.
    Tsunami Gold - You will get $19.00 just for signing with them. They are confident about their service, they are offering you the money. What make their service special is, not only you can surf and make money but with several method offered, you just can't say no to their service. If you search from their site, you will get paid. Not only that, reading their newsletter can also give you some extra money. If you're looking for a fast and secure way to make money from home, you might want to try this service. Remember, once you've registered, you'll get $19.00 and you can leave if you don't like their service without losing your $19.00.

    StudioTraffic - With 6 years experience in their hand, this is one of the major player for autosurfers. Free registration and a free give away for you. Yes, a $10.00 free gift only for you. I have review about this service previously. If you missed the review, click here.

    5%Daily. - You will get free $5.00 just to sign-up your name. You only have to surf 50 site daily to get 5% for it. You can withdraw with StormPay and you can ask a payout at $10. With a fast payment. 5%Daily also can help you generate income from home.

    12DailyPro - You'll get 12% daily if you use their service. Pretty cool service and accept StormPay. To gain more income, you can upgrade your account only for $6 and surf 12 site daily. Another NetBIA trusted company, you can be sure about their service. Some extra feature about 12DailyPro is, they will coach you on how to get more income from their service.

    Malaysian First Autosurf - This is just not for Malaysian but also for everyone. Reports said that their service is fast and payment always ontime. For Malaysian, if you're too affraid to invest in oversea autosurf companies, this is the option for you. Get a free $10 upon signing up. To read more about their service click here for Bahasa Melayu or English.

    All above autosurf companies are what i have been using to get some extra money from autosurfing. Some uses StormPay as their payment method and some uses direct checks. But all above highly recommended by me. I'm a Malaysian and i'm making some extra money from it so you don't have to worry about scams.
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